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Transforming Your Culture to Align Teams, Keep Great People, and Lead Change. Corporate Culture Pros' 4-stage culture change process fosters cultures of purpose, passion and profit.

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Our Approach

For two decades, Corporate Culture Pros have partnered with companies such as Merck, Boeing, Schering Plough, Xerox, Avaya and dozens of entrepreneurs and non-profits to help them lead organizational culture change, and to link corporate culture specifically to management practices that drive high performance.

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A great corporate culture delivers high performance on its strategy consistently. Too often, change addresses strategy and structure, but not culture. We help build a road map to align cultures so they deliver great results.

Cash-in on Culture: Solving People Problems To Accelerate Business Performance

Get our FREE report: “3 Toxic Culture Habits that Keep Organizations Stuck” and discover:

  • What 3 toxic habits derail almost every organizational change effort.
  • The #1 reason people don’t trust their leadership team, and what to do about it.
  • 4 stages to culture change that fosters passion, purpose, and performance.
  • A complimentary culture assessment.
  • Free culture tips via our bi-weekly e-zine.

Are you concerned your culture is inconsistent with the business changes you are planning? Are your efforts to grow plagued by turf wars, good people leaving, resistance to change? Sign Up Now!

image_1 Culture Change

We teach you how to overcome the unique culture problems of today’s rapid change environments:

  • Pinpoint corporate culture traits that drive team/organizational performance, vs. those that do not.
  • Habits that help employees embrace change, and bad habits that foster change-resistance.
  • How to measurably shift a corporate culture visibly and quickly.
  • Best practices to engage teams and front-line employees as corporate culture champions.


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image_3 Why Culture Matters

Culture matters to business, like soil to crops: Yield and growth depend on it… Corporate Culture Pros teaches Presidents and their teams how to foster a culture of accountability and performance, and align people to drive consistent, profitable growth.

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