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Is your corporate culture a drag on profit, plans, and growth?

YES if:

    • Teamwork is plagued by missed deadlines, budgets, or turf wars.
    • Rapid growth or mergers is creating confusion in priorities and systems.
    • Change efforts don’t sustain (or are met with resistance).
    • Customers are leaving for competitors.
    • Good employees are quitting.
    • Growth or profits are falling in one or more parts of the business, with no clear reason

We teach you how to overcome the unique culture problems of today’s rapid change environments:

    • Pinpoint corporate culture traits that drive team/organizational performance, vs. those that do not.
    • Habits that help employees embrace change, and bad habits that foster change-resistance.
    • How to measurably shift a corporate culture visibly and quickly.
    • Best practices to engage teams and front-line employees as corporate culture champions.

*Companies who manage specific culture focus areas are 4 times more profitable; they also drive measurably higher innovation. Based on extensive research by Corporate Culture Pros alliance partner Denison Culture, © 2009.

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