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What a Modern Corporate Culture Looks Like: Google, Nike & Facebook Know!

HEADLINE: “Evolve, transform, and sustain modern practices of an effective, high-performing workplace that can compete in a speed-driven, dynamic world while delivering steady and profitable growth on a quarterly basis.” Unfortunately this is not a fairy tale or a Hollywood movie plot … but the challenging reality of being a leader in today’s companies. Culture [...]

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Corporate Cultures that Unleash Creativity

What are you doing to ensure your culture brings out people’s best, most inspired ideas? You don’t need a consultant or a fancy spreadsheet to grow and innovate in your company:  The best ideas almost always come from the employees themselves.  Too often, executives are hesitant to create a direct conversation medium with their people, [...]

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Corporate Cultures that Seize Opportunity Drive Business Innovation

Opportunities to grow and innovate exist at every level of an organization. But many organizations – especially large, global companies – struggle to help employees discover and seize the right opportunities, and put them in action. Many organizations are suffering from change fatigue and burnout, which has a direct impact on the needed creativity and [...]

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Leadership Role in Changing Culture: Podcast with Corporate Culture Pros Lisa Jackson

In today’s blog, we share a transcript of a recent podcast with Lisa Jackson of Corporate Culture Pros, by Emma Murphy of The Change Source. (listen or download the podcast) Why is culture building so important in business today? As the world has flattened and become more transparent, there are very real new competitive forces … [...]

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Three Simple Requirements for Motivating Collective Change

Culture: The fuel source that moves the collective organization toward wanting something. “People don’t resist change, they resist being changed.” This famous quote by Peter Senge is a cornerstone principle of any successful organizational and culture change. Human beings embrace change. (Not all human beings equally at the same time). To realize this, compare today’s [...]

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The Culture Change Chip: Have You Installed It Yet?

Repetitive reorganizations make people uncertain In retail, a “loss leader” is an advertising or product strategy that gets people in the door. It’s not the money-maker, but it draws people in to hopefully purchase higher-profit items. The steady stream of organizational change initiatives in companies today is like a “loss leader” for authentic culture change. [...]

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