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Amazon’s Corporate Culture

Amazon's Corporate Culture - The Balanced View In the controversial NY Times article published August 15, 2015 portraying Amazon's "evil" company culture, some essential points deserve to be considered from the cultural perspective. In this day and age, no organization will sustainably retain and grow top talent by being a "mean place to work." Culture building…
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Modern Habit #4: The Collaborative Company Culture

In this 5-habit blog series on the Modern Workplace, today we 5 Habits of Modern Workplace Culture:   Build Bridges and Tear Down Silos. Collaboration is the name of the game in business today. Why? Speed. You can’t operate with full competitive advantage unless people are working together across departments. This is true whether you’re a…
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Build a Mentoring Culture: Developing a New Generation of Leadership

Company Guide to Successful Mentoring What Is Mentoring? Mentoring is how we have transferred wisdom and knowledge for thousands of years. (We didn't use that word until recently, but the principles are the same.) Mentoring in business is how you formalize a learning system and culture.  It can take the form of teaching, coaching, "political…
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Modern Habit #2 – The Trust Culture: What It Really Takes

The Trust Culture makes-or-breaks an organization amid the speed of change “Put not your trust in princes.” – Unknown Author What do the following events share in common? Y2K.  Enron.  The Great Recession of 2008. These three events over the past 15 years illustrate the evolution in the State of Trust in our corporate world today.  Let's explore…
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