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Find resources to assist your leadership as your organization goes through culture change.

3 Ways Culture Drives Profit in Business Today

3 Ways Culture Drives Profit in Business Today   #1 – Connection to Purpose. There is one universal human quest: The search for Purpose. Whether you are rich or poor, wherever you were born ... you want to know Why. Some call it Meaning. Some call it Making a Difference. Some call it Service or Being Useful. But…
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Cultural Leadership: 4 Methods for Growing Leaders Without Titles

Do people in your organization act this way? Cultural Leadership: Growing Bench Strength with 4 Simple Methods With Baby Boomers (the largest population of Americans) exiting the workforce within 15 years (or winding down at least), there’s a mass Leadership Call to Action in organizations of every size, in every industry. Cultural leadership is the…
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Organizational Culture and Leadership

Organizational Culture and Leadership: 4 Strategies for Helping Your Executive Team “Get It”                                                                              Imagine this: Tomorrow, everyone in…
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How Can Organizational Change Be Less Painful?

Can Organizational Change Be Less Painful? Wisdom from the Marathon World Today's pace of organizational change is more demanding, than even a few years ago. Leaders #1 struggle today is to align people and culture to constant changes, such as: Mergers. Technology. Strategic renewal. Reorganization. In a marathon, what happens if you try to run 26 miles at top speed with no rest…
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Amazon’s Corporate Culture

Amazon's Corporate Culture - The Balanced View In the controversial NY Times article published August 15, 2015 portraying Amazon's "evil" company culture, some essential points deserve to be considered from the cultural perspective. In this day and age, no organization will sustainably retain and grow top talent by being a "mean place to work." Culture building…
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