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The Freedom of a Great Culture

Here in the U.S., we celebrate the concept of freedom today. The original meaning of Independence Day here is being free to pursue our own governance and destiny.  This long-standing American holiday got me thinking: How does Freedom relate to what many leaders seek to create inside their companies? Most modern, effective leaders need a work environment in which [...]

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What a Modern Corporate Culture Looks Like: Google, Nike & Facebook Know!

HEADLINE: “Evolve, transform, and sustain modern practices of an effective, high-performing workplace that can compete in a speed-driven, dynamic world while delivering steady and profitable growth on a quarterly basis.” Unfortunately this is not a fairy tale or a Hollywood movie plot … but the challenging reality of being a leader in today’s companies. Culture [...]

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Leadership Role in Changing Culture: Podcast with Corporate Culture Pros Lisa Jackson

In today’s blog, we share a transcript of a recent podcast with Lisa Jackson of Corporate Culture Pros, by Emma Murphy of The Change Source. (listen or download the podcast) Why is culture building so important in business today? As the world has flattened and become more transparent, there are very real new competitive forces … [...]

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Ten Fatal Flaws In Your Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture Matters – 10 Fatal Flaws That Undermine Your Ability to Change By now, every smart leader knows that corporate culture is an essential element of business performance.  In an era of increasing uncertainty and speed of change, your organization’s culture is either a source of strength and advantage that flies faster than your [...]

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Corporate Culture Change: Cornerstone of Engagement

  Seeking Culture Change and Employee Engagement? Achieving growth and innovation is on everyone’s minds these days. Increasingly leaders are seeking culture change and employee engagement as the answer. In this era, being  in the driver’s seat requires extreme leadership. It’s hard to navigate the whitewater of global competition, workers who don’t like to be [...]

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Culture Change 101: Building Trust

Engaged People are the Result of a Culture of Trust This is part Two of Two on driving culture change through an organization. Review Part One Most leaders today are looking for growth through innovation from an engaged workplace culture. And yet, most companies are struggling with the level of engagement and creativity that is [...]

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