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How does leadership affect culture in your organization? Our expertise and resources offered here can help you learn more.

Organizational Culture Assessment – How to Retain Top Talent

Organizational Culture Assessment: Strategies for Culture Surveys and Cultural Competency What are YOUR culture goals this year? from Lisa J on Vimeo.   Receive FREE Culture Tips and Tools Now Your privacy is assured. Your email will never be shared. Organizational culture assessment done properly, engages leaders and employees in a performance-improving dialogue. Video Script: Grow.…
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Communication and the Modern Culture

Organizational Communications in the Modern Workplace How has communication in our society changed what employees need to hear from you? Short.  Visual.  Repeat Key Messages.  Clear Call to Action. How much are you mirroring these principles in your organizational communications? Too often, leaders believe their content is so interesting and important, they miss the essential point: Effective…
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Culture Definition: The Revolution to Improve Business Innovation and Growth

Culture Definition: Improving Your Organization’s Culture to Grow and Innovate. In 2014, Merriam Webster named “Culture” the word of the year. Merriam-Webster chose culture by analyzing their most popular words, and which experienced the biggest spike in look-ups during the year. “Culture is a word that we seem to be relying on more and more. It allows…
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10 Actions for Building Trust in Your Culture

Trust is the #1 predictor of high performance in business today. Why? The world of work has changed. Trust is to business today, what capital was to business in 1970. The modern workplace is flat, decentralized, virtual, collaborative, and changing VERY fast. It requires: Teamwork, collaboration, and cross-cultural diversity, regardless of your size or industry.…
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