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10 Actions for Building Trust in Your Culture

Trust is the #1 predictor of high performance in business today. Why? The world of work has changed. Trust is to business today, what capital was to business in 1970. The modern workplace is flat, decentralized, virtual, collaborative, and changing VERY fast. It requires: Teamwork, collaboration, and cross-cultural diversity, regardless of your size or industry.…
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10 Reasons Why You Need a Customer Focused Culture

10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a  Customer Focused Culture Buyers today – whether they are B2B or consumers, have a seemingly endless array of choice. Today's customer will walk away from a brand or company, if it does not continue to meet two needs: (1) Continuous range of innovative products at a fair price;…
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Amazon’s Corporate Culture

Amazon's Corporate Culture - The Balanced View In the controversial NY Times article published August 15, 2015 portraying Amazon's "evil" company culture, some essential points deserve to be considered from the cultural perspective. In this day and age, no organization will sustainably retain and grow top talent by being a "mean place to work." Culture building…
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Modern Habit #4: The Collaborative Company Culture

In this 5-habit blog series on the Modern Workplace, today we 5 Habits of Modern Workplace Culture:   Build Bridges and Tear Down Silos. Collaboration is the name of the game in business today. Why? Speed. You can’t operate with full competitive advantage unless people are working together across departments. This is true whether you’re a…
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