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Culture and Leadership with Richard Branson

“To me, business isn’t about wearing suits or pleasing stockholders. It’s about being true to yourself, your ideas and focusing on the essentials.” –Sir Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin Group      I think we might all agree, that a multi-billionaire who has branded his company using the word “Virgin” views life through the lens of newness… AND has [...]

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Mythbusting: DOES Culture Eat Strategy for Lunch?

You’ve heard the phrase: Culture eats strategy for lunch (or breakfast). (most often attributed to Peter Drucker).  This famous quote is usually evoked when a leader or executive realizes the environment is essential to successfully implementing a change or new strategy. I’d like to challenge the use of this popular phrase. Maybe you’ve followed Ford’s latest [...]

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Corporate Cultures that Unleash Creativity

What are you doing to ensure your culture brings out people’s best, most inspired ideas? You don’t need a consultant or a fancy spreadsheet to grow and innovate in your company:  The best ideas almost always come from the employees themselves.  Too often, executives are hesitant to create a direct conversation medium with their people, [...]

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Leadership Role in Changing Culture: Podcast with Corporate Culture Pros Lisa Jackson

In today’s blog, we share a transcript of a recent podcast with Lisa Jackson of Corporate Culture Pros, by Emma Murphy of The Change Source. (listen or download the podcast) Why is culture building so important in business today? As the world has flattened and become more transparent, there are very real new competitive forces … [...]

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Five Business Culture Takeaways from the Boulder Flood

Is your company culture prepared for disaster? The weather: Our favorite conversation-starter, cocktail party topic, and general fallback discussion. Whether it’s good, bad or changing. In Colorado we regularly experience all three in the space of an hour. The torrential flash flood rains we have experienced in Colorado during the past 48 hours, have caused [...]

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Help Employees Build a Change Friendly Culture of Opportunity

Are you building a culture where everyone enacts this basic law? It is a leader’s #1 job and the difference between extinction, survival, and winning. Change today operates on permanent fast-forward, for 3 main reasons: The internet (which has transformed entire industries almost overnight, ie, real estate, travel, retail), The ever-increasing speed of technological evolution, [...]

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5 Successful Habits of Great Corporate Cultures

What’s the problem with happy people? “Are my people happy?” “Are they engaged?” “Are we doing everything we can to motivate them?” More than ever, companies are concerned with these questions about their employees.  It’s common knowledge these days that happy, engaged, motivated people are the key to better profits and competitive advantage. But there [...]

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Ten Fatal Flaws In Your Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture Matters – 10 Fatal Flaws That Undermine Your Ability to Change By now, every smart leader knows that corporate culture is an essential element of business performance.  In an era of increasing uncertainty and speed of change, your organization’s culture is either a source of strength and advantage that flies faster than your [...]

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Corporate Culture Really Matters – Stories that Inspire

Inspiration comes in many forms. In a corporate culture, such inspiration lives in the stories told by successful managers and entrepreneurs. Here, we want to share valuable anecdotes form the basis of a powerful philosophy that is creating a revolution in management. The Beyond Bureaucracy Challenge is a  “culture on steroids” competitive contest sponsored by [...]

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