10 Questions Every Business Leader Should Be Asking

CEO Addresses Meeting In Boardroom


“Ask Better Questions, Find Better Solutions”

10 Great Culture Questions Leaders Should Be Asking

  1. What ideas does my team have to improve our business and competitive advantage?
  1. What need do our customers have, that we are not paying attention to and nobody else is doing well?
  1. What one move would most strike fear in our biggest competitor? What’s stopping us from doing it?
  1. What are the top 5 cultural behaviors (starting with leadership) that we need to cultivate, to adapt and change effectively?

Ask one of these 4 questions in each of your monthly or quarterly Executive Team strategy reviews, and allow sufficient time for lively debate about them before moving on to more tactical matters.

  1. Am I fostering confidence and passion among my people …. or fear, anxiety, and doubt?
  1. Who on my team is ready for a bigger challenge and how can I mentor them best in helping them succeed?
  1. Who do I need to thank and appreciate today?
  1. How is this change (whatever it is) connected directly to achievement of our Vision and Strategy? Be certain to share that with your employees – they WANT to know this.

Ask these questions regularly of yourself, to self-examine your focus on leading.

9.    What did I do that I’m proud of this week?

Ask this of yourself every Friday, even if for just 5 minutes.

10.  Do people trust my leadership? What is the evidence? How can I increase it?

Self-awareness is the hallmark of a great leader.




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