Monthly Archives: August 2010

Corporate Culture Madness? Leadership and Culture Really Do Matter

Corporate Culture Madness:  Leadership and Culture Really Do Matter If there were any evidence whether leaders are building corporate cultures to attract the highest quality talent, here's a frightening statistic. We had trouble believing it, but here's the statistic and link: Right Management reported in November 2009 that 60% of people plan to leave their…
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Change Management and Cultural Style: Are You Killing Innovation?

Driving innovation is not an accident - very few can emulate Apple, 3M and other magical icons of innovation, though many have tried. It's all about the corporate culture. But anyone who has tried "change management" techniques to drive innovation can attest to the fact "culture" is a fuzzy term. The reality of building a…
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Want Culture Change? Change Your Meetings!

Want Culture Change? Change Your Meetings! What is the truest, most accurate test of culture change in a company? Meetings. It's like we need a killer app for meetings – you know, what PDA did for email. What will save us from the painful stream of meetings that lack focus,  drag on with meaningless debates,…
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