Monthly Archives: October 2011

Cultures That Drive Innovation – The Latest Research

Innovation seems to be the topic du jour. Lately, it's been on the minds of every executive we've been speaking with: How do we continue to grow in a hard economy? How do we create more opportunities with limited resources? How do we ensure new products and services are meeting the changing - and often…
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A Tale of Two Corporate Cultures

 A Tale of Two Cultures Jen Luna’s life went from miserable to happy almost overnight. She didn’t lose weight, get married, or have a baby. She quit her job, (or more to the point, she quit a bad boss.) Her story is an eye-opening one of two corporate cultures that illustrates why Gallup researchers found…
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How “Moneyball” Can Improve Productivity In Your Corporate Culture

How "Moneyball" Can Improve Productivity In Your Corporate Culture Improve productivity--lessons from America's past-time The popular book/film Moneyball recounts the unconventional journey of Billy Beane’s transformation of the Oakland A’s baseball team who made a winning formula of recognizing and utilizing overlooked players and using data to measure performance. America's companies can improve productivity by using…
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