Monthly Archives: June 2017

Disrupting Change: A Better Way to Grow

Disrupting Change: Improving How Organizations Grow and Thrive Fact: Technology adoption (and obsolescence) will occur in increasingly faster cycles. Fact: Young people in developed countries value experience, freedom, expansion over a steady paycheck. Fact:  50% of the workforce is predicted to be freelance by 2020. Fact:  Big corporate and small business are creating symbiotic relationships:…
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Empowerment at Work: Moving Past Parent-Child Cultures

Empowerment @ Work : We must move past parent-child cultures Fully 2/3 of the global workforce report being apathetic or disengaged: The very opposite of empowerment at work. Empowerment at work is misunderstood by most leaders. It is not a simplistic delegation of authority. Empowerment at work is ensuring people have the resources, knowledge, and skills…
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