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  • Stephen Moulton

    I agree, what got you here, won’t get you there! The Gallup organization has reported that in the US about 70% of employees are not engaged. Neuroscience has revealed that autonomy in the workplace is a key driver for employee engagement, hence Empowering Freedom is very important.
    Resistance is one of those landmines that prevents organizational change success, and command and control change process almost always fail.
    Organizational Resilience can’t be build without trust and visibility that senior leadership is walking the same path as the employees in the change process.

    • Lisa J

      Hi Stephen, I missed this comment from earlier – you and I are in full agreement! And, this work takes courage and patience. It’s easier to just “tell people what to do.” I see alot of executives pay lip service to this, but in the trenches, resort to “we have to move with speed”and other such mindsets that don’t support what you’re saying

  • Ramit Tyagi

    Thanx Lisa

    Very well captured and elaborated. This summarizes the current scenario of any progressive organization and the expectations from the top leadership.

    Just to add on, people wish to work for organizations with flatter structures and simpler processes, which help them feel and perform better and support and motivate, when they fail. They want to work and grow under leaders and not just bosses. They look for inspirations and stories, which are more human, so they can relate better to them.

    CEOs who inspire the employees most are the guys who have failed and not given up, and then wrote a successful story. “Resilience” is the key to inspiring employees, as clearly mentioned in your article. Another winning tool is “Transparency” within the organization. Employees need to be updated regularly on the way forward for the organization and whats in store for them, if they stay and align with the goal and the top leadership. Better money is just one of the important aspects but continuous learning, regular updates/town halls and frequent connect with the top leadership is whats being appreciated by most of the employees adding on to their stability and performance in the organization.

    Thanx again for sharing this article.

    Best wishes


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