4 Keys to Getting Cultural Assessment Right


Workforce dynamics are more fragile than ever. 

Amid uncertainty and return-to-work dynamics, taking your “cultural temperature” is a smart move to understand employees’ true needs and engagement hot buttons. 

In this video, Lisa Jackson of Culture Pros discusses FOUR CRUCIAL must-do’s for conducting an internal cultural assessment in your organization.

According to Edgar Schein – organizational culture guru and thought leader – “… your ability to decipher your own culture is still limited. What other techniques are available to you?”

A great question! While a perfect answer for which does not exist… key areas to get right include: 

WHY survey?  (the intention of the leadership), 

HOW to balance employee and manager needs (good methods)  

WHO will perform the information-gathering (based on trust levels in your co.)

This is what will predict a high quality response AND ensure the remedies from the data “improve” culture IN REAL LIFE.

Unfortunately, too many companies use culture assessment to “flush out” problems – gather data that lacks context or meaning. We’ve seen it over and over: The people and process use the same lens to fix the problems, as the lens that caused them in the first place. 

There are GOOD WAYS to perform an internal cultural assessment:  Listen to this video for 4 keys on how you can do this in a way that generates strong momentum for change.


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