5 Habits of High Performing Cultures

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In 15 years of working with companies to define and evolve their culture, we have found 5 core habits most essential to a modern, high-performance team or company, that can navigate today’s fast-paced, dynamic economy.

Like brushing your teeth, these must become daily behaviors to have sustainable impact.

These habits propel an organization forward

These habits propel an organization forward, towards higher performance, profit, and productivity.

 5 Culture Habits, Defined


When you work on these habits, you create a culture that has alignment, speed, and clarity.  The trick is to help people see the benefits. There’s no shortcut and you cannot force-feed them or they won’t stick.  (think of how you adopt habits in your own life.)

Start small, with a leader or team who is ready to change. For example, you might lead the team in a dialogue about each habit, one per month.

In the complete Culture Builder Toolkit you can receive detailed how-to instructions on to implement the 5 habits.

Next week: We will begin a series on assessing your current culture and its ability to execute these habits.

Cheers! to culture building, and your passionate commitment to a new generation of workplaces that make money, make a difference, and have fun!

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