Company Profile / Approach

  • Boutique firm with offices in Denver and Charleston, SC – and deep connections to SME referrals if needed for widespread implementation.
  • Performance-based approach to culture change and modern workplace practices.
  • Training YOU to lead and own your corporate culture change, using best practices and the expert lens of an outsider.
  • Personalized service with accessibility to senior culture change consultants.
  • Culture as a business language, linked to profitable growth strategies.
  • Workstreams are prioritized, measured, and tracked.

4 Stages of Culture Building

The 4 stages of culture building - infographic

In 2017, we exceeded our growth goals by 10% and acquired a third company to create technology advantage, integrating them successfully and decreasing attrition of employees in their call center by 50%. Corporate Culture Pros was instrumental in helping our leadership achieve those goals.
Jim Murphy, CEO of BroadVoiceJim MurphyCEO of BroadVoice

Our Story

``Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.`` —Leo Tolstoy

Corporate Culture Pros didn’t start with a business plan. It began with two people fiercely committed to the specifics of how good becomes great, how losing turns into winning. (In people and business.)

Early on, we were training leaders at Merck (and other companies) to build collaborative teamwork that eliminated silo thinking; a phenomenon innate to human tribes, yet politically toxic to “corporate culture.” In 1998, busting silos was revolutionary work.

As time passed, our clients began telling us. . .

Our Team

Lisa Jackson, Corporate Culture Pros

Lisa Jackson

Lisa Jackson is the Denver-based co-founder and President of Corporate Culture Pros, author of two books on culture change, and keynote speaker on the Workplace Revolution.

Her Mission is “Grow, Serve, Delight.” She is passionate about serving leaders in companies undergoing big changes, to restore, preserve, and evolve the “special sauce” of their workplace culture.

She is well-versed in dynamics defining the workplace of the future: Virtual, collaborative, fast-moving, constant changing.

More About Lisa Jackson
Gerry Schmidt, Corporate Culture Pros

Gerry Schmidt, Ph.D.

Gerry Schmidt, Ph.D. has a passion for coaching executives, teams and organizations to high levels of mastery.

He is co-founder of Corporate Culture Pros, author to two books on Culture Change, and speaker on “Cultural Leadership Made Easy”.

A key success criteria after more than 30 years of helping leaders create energized, high performing workplaces is a leader’s self mastery. Great leaders share a common set of beliefs and capabilities that create sustainable, adaptable organizations (and a more fulfilling life).

More About Gerry Schmidt
Robert Grossman

Robert Grossman

Robert Grossman is the Founder and CEO of Black Diamond Leadership, a global high-performance leadership development and executive coaching agency. For over two decades, Robert has been helping individuals, organizations, and teams create Leaders who thrive together.

A dynamic public speaker sought after by leaders across the country and internationally, Robert shares leadership advice and teamwork strategies as a keynote and workshop speaker. He also incorporates humor into his presentations to make learning fun.

As an executive coach, Robert drives personal and professional growth in critical areas, including communication and teamwork, employee engagement, processes, organizational structure, emotional intelligence, trust, and psychological safety.

Under Robert’s leadership, Black Diamond has worked with more than 500 exceptional leaders across the United States and internationally.

What Sets Us Apart

We are passionate about the culture transformation movement!

The magnitude and speed of change, along with shifting demographics in the workforce, mean your people systems and practices MUST be aligned with the pace of business.

Yet still, company culture is vastly misunderstood. There is no one common approach or governing certification. The factors that underpin a happy, healthy work environment which drives profitable growth, are often glossed over. Foosball tables, happy hours and yoga sessions are NOT your culture. Neither are your Core Values. (although both of these play an important role in culture.)

Culture is your internal brand, that creates ongoing alignment, supports your capacity to change, and fosters successful competitive advantage. Companies like Starbucks, Southwest Airlines and Amazon understand this definition of culture – by choosing to view and manage culture as a necessary business strategy, not simply a fluffy, feel-good “engagement exercise” to raise morale.

They know that a healthy culture IS what delivers the numbers. And when culture is managed well, it produces magic as well as ROI.

Success Stories
Lisa Jackson speaking about corporate culture