Gerry Schmidt, PH.D.

Gerry Schmidt, Corporate Culture Pros

Gerry Schmidt, Ph.D.

Gerry Schmidt, Ph.D. has a passion for coaching executives, teams and organizations to high levels of mastery.

He is co-founder of Corporate Culture Pros, author to two books on Culture Change, and speaker on “Cultural Leadership Made Easy”.

A key success criteria after more than 30 years of helping leaders create energized, high performing workplaces is a leader’s self mastery. Great leaders share a common set of beliefs and capabilities that create sustainable, adaptable organizations (and a more fulfilling life).

Gerry has a unique ability to make personal leadership transformation within reach of anyone who is willing. He has a track record for leadership turnarounds – helping unproductive and dispirited leaders re-ignite or re-connect to their authenticity and purpose, and foster powerfully aligned and effective teams.

His relaxed style, personal availability and extensive business experience creates an inspiring environment for rapid change.

In addition he can help:

  • Build a Culture Blueprint to get a jump-start using best practices from his extensive experience with others;
  • Demonstrate the link between healthy culture and driving sustainable performance;
  • Develop change agents in your culture who will ignite passion and teamwork;
  • Design plans you will implement to address current performance gaps, at the same time building greater adaptability.

Prior to his work with Corporate Culture Pros, Gerry ran an executive coaching practice and served as Executive Vice President for a global consulting firm, where he developed and trained a team of transformational consultants.

Gerry graduated from the University of South Carolina with a doctorate in educational psychology. He currently resides in Charleston, South Carolina.