Meet Lisa Jackson

Lisa Jackson

Lisa Jackson is the Denver-based co-founder and President of Corporate Culture Pros, author of two books on culture change, and speaker on The Modern Workplace.

For 15 years, Ms. Jackson has helped build high performing cultures at Merck, Boeing, GlaxoSmithKline, and dozens of entrepreneurial organizations - following big changes, such as mergers, new CEO, or rapid growth.

Her practice focuses on aligning the culture to perform and execute on the Presidents' vision and strategy.

She specializes in:

  • Assessing culture's link to organizational performance,
  • Defining the desired company culture habits needed for a new environment,
  • Teaching change champions how to lead complex business changes, and
  • How to attract, retain, and align the right people, to foster profitable growth and a great workplace.

Her unique combination of honesty, humor, and heart inspires leaders to transform lifeless, burned out and unmotivated teams into strong, passionate, mission-driven tribes.

Her mission is to:

  • Simplify and demystify culture, and show leaders how corporate culture drives great performance;
  • Teach leaders simple tricks and conversations that ignite passion and teamwork;
  • Enable companies how to ensure their change management programs and strategies are adopted more quickly and easily.

Prior to her work as a corporate culture consultant, Lisa successfully managed two businesses through significant growth and profitability.

Lisa graduated magna cum laude in Business Administration with a Psychology minor, from the University of Colorado. She currently resides in Littleton, Colorado.

Contact Lisa via email or Phone for a private consult on getting your culture program started today: