Corporate Culture in Hiring

The New Talent Times, a Software Advice blog, recently researched trends in HR, including what a typical HR Department will look like by 2020.

One of the 5 roles predicted is that of Culture Management or Culture Coordinator:

There’s been quite a bit of buzz around the importance of corporate culture in the past few years. To engage employees, Chris Boyce, CEO of Virgin Healthmiles, says, “Corporate culture is a key ingredient. In fact, study after study shows that less than one third of employees across the US are actually ‘engaged’ at work.” 

Rachel Mathews, AnyPerk’s Client Success Manager—an internet service that gives businesses access to corporate perks and discounts—argues that a fundamental shift has occurred in what people look for in an employer. Mathews says, “In order to impress and retain employees, companies have to go above and beyond. Fostering a strong and rewarding culture is a way to do that.” 

Enter the Culture Chief.

While this position may not yet exist per se, there are already similar positions emerging at innovative tech companies. For instance, Google currently employs  “People Services Coordinators,” Klout has a “Director of People & Culture,” while Dyn has a “Director of Culture.”

While we have always advocated that if you are shifting or building culture, you have to dedicate someone to the role, we are seeing more companies proactively attending to culture by empowering someone in a titled role for it.  As a senior team placing it on the organizational chart demonstrates that your strategic agenda is to support productivity and performance through a great workplace culture.

In a market in which talent will be increasingly difficult to find and retain (especially in technical roles), the time has never been better to send a signal to your people that company culture matters.

Read the entire article: 5 Jobs for the HR Department of the Future.

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