The Jugular Question: Innovating Conversations

Nobel Prize winner physicist Arno Penzias was once asked what accounted for his success, to which he replied “I went for the jugular question.” “Change starts with the individual. The first thing I do each morning is ask myself ‘Why do I strongly believe what I believe?’  Constantly examine your own assumptions. This is how…
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How to Manage The Death of Steady State in Business

The death of "steady state" offers good lessons in healthy change.                                      No one can argue we are in the midst of massive disruptive change. Amidst global revolution, the changes we are experiencing are far beyond technology and…
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Disrupting Change: A Better Way to Grow

Disrupting Change: Improving How Organizations Grow and Thrive Do you believe disrupting change is an idea whose time has come? Technology adoption (and obsolescence) is happening in increasingly faster cycles. Young people in developed countries value experience, freedom, expansion over a steady paycheck. They do not tolerate less (in work or life.) 50% of the…
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Empowerment at Work: Moving Past Parent-Child Cultures

Empowerment @ Work : We must move past parent-child cultures Fully 2/3 of the global workforce report being apathetic or disengaged: The very opposite of empowerment at work. Empowerment at work is misunderstood by most leaders. It is not a simplistic delegation of authority. Empowerment at work is ensuring people have the resources, knowledge, and skills…
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4 Reasons Change Efforts Don’t Work (and the power of culture building)

Attention Culture Builders!  When do your change efforts signal decline? We are fundamentally Reinventing Work. It's about more than employee engagement numbers. Culture builders across the world are the pioneers of a workplace revolution. Every industry and company is undergoing massive disruptive change. Juggling complexity and new workforce expectations and delivering results. If you're not keeping up,…
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Free Culture Toolkit

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