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5 Millennial Myths That Derail Company Culture

The Millennial Generation. Has anything not been said about (or by) them yet? Like all generations that came before, Millennials come with an evolved world view and core values, shaped by the time and societal circumstances in which they were born and raised.  Perhaps it is a time-honored tradition for one generation to second-guess and stereotype the next…
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3 Ways Resistance to Change is Good for Business

When leading organizations today, most leaders think of resistance to change as the enemy: A force to minimize, eliminate or avoid.  And, if you wait until everyone is aligned and on board (or over-emphasize consensus) you miss out on good opportunities to grow. Today, I shed light on the true meaning of resistance….And share three…
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3 Essential Habits CEO’s Need to Cultivate in Company Culture

3 Essential Habits Every CEO Must Build Into Company Culture The world of work has changed. (You've noticed!)  Fiercer, faster, more competitive times demand a new caliber of modern leader. Ones who can juggle the mandates of innovation, profit, and caring culture. Corporate culture – with its Dilbert-style politics, hierarchy, nonsense decision making - is dead.…
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Disrupting Change: A Better Way to Grow

Disrupting Change: Improving How Organizations Grow and Thrive Fact: Technology adoption (and obsolescence) will occur in increasingly faster cycles. Fact: Young people in developed countries value experience, freedom, expansion over a steady paycheck. Fact:  50% of the workforce is predicted to be freelance by 2020. Fact:  Big corporate and small business are creating symbiotic relationships:…
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Cultural Agility: Small is The New Big

Cultural Agility: Small is The New Big “Can you move fast enough? Can you avoid bureaucracy while you grow?” I posed these two questions in a dialogue with company leaders seeking to grow rapidly through mergers ... and who wanted to remain culturally agile. It led to an important dialogue about how to protect and preserve…
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