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Corporate Culture & Money: Strange Bedfellows? Not at Patagonia!

Sure Pixar, Patagonia, and Google all have cool corporate cultures, but they also know that corporate culture matters to bottom line performance. Each of these companies approaches culture differently (like each family has a unique personality). Yet they all realize that nurturing your people creates people who are for your business. It’s a simple equation…
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Setting Up Success With Company Culture: A Visa Business Infographic

Costco knows that "culture is not the most important thing... it's the only thing." -Co-Founder & retired CEO Jim Sinegal In an interview with Brendan Byrnes of the Motley Fool, Sinegal describes eloquently, why culture eats strategy for lunch: It [culture] is the thing that drives the business. That's what drives the strategy of our…
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Facebook, Google and Other Corporate Cultures Carefully Analyzed

Facebook, Google and Other Corporate Cultures Carefully Analyzed Courtesy of: Lisa Jackson and Gerry Schmidt are corporate culture experts, helping companies improve performance through sensible methods of changing company culture, and aligning their culture with unprecedented change and transformation ... and a little fun never hurts either. Visit them on the web at…
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