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5 Millennial Myths That Derail Company Culture

The Millennial Generation. Has anything not been said about (or by) them yet? Like all generations that came before, Millennials come with an evolved world view and core values, shaped by the time and societal circumstances in which they were born and raised.  Perhaps it is a time-honored tradition for one generation to second-guess and stereotype the next…
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3 Essential Habits CEO’s Need to Cultivate in Company Culture

3 Essential Habits Every CEO Must Build Into Company Culture The world of work has changed. (You've noticed!)  Fiercer, faster, more competitive times demand a new caliber of modern leader. Ones who can juggle the mandates of innovation, profit, and caring culture. Corporate culture – with its Dilbert-style politics, hierarchy, nonsense decision making - is dead.…
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Taming the Chaos: Three Common Mistakes in Growing Organizations

  Taming the Chaos: Addressing 3 Common Mistakes in Growing Organizations Growth is a central purpose of every business. (Not as a substitute for a compelling mission.) As a mandate for survival. Whether your company is 50, 500 or 50,000 people; public, private or non-profit, your stakeholders expect you will expand your impact, continuously. Whether…
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The New Rules of Hiring Good People

  Hiring Right is Crucial for Building a Great Culture Changing the rules of how you hire? Good for you. It's THE name of the game in the next 10 years. Freelance status is exploding. Average job tenure for Millennials is 2.6 years. Companies need creative ways to meet and develop ongoing relationships with the…
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“I Hate Meetings” – Tips for Meeting Productivity

Do you hear this mantra a lot? ("I hate meetings.")  I sure do! It's one of the most common (and completely avoidable) truths of over-busy, stressed managers and super-juggling workplaces. If you’re tearing your hair out in meeting wasteland (or more efficient in meetings are on your radar) perhaps a Fall Cleanup of your meeting…
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The Jugular Question: Innovating Conversations

Nobel Prize winner physicist Arno Penzias was once asked what accounted for his success, to which he replied “I went for the jugular question.” “Change starts with the individual. The first thing I do each morning is ask myself ‘Why do I strongly believe what I believe?’  Constantly examine your own assumptions. This is how…
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