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Learn how corporate culture impacts performance, and resources and tips for assessing corporate culture.

Organizational Culture Assessment – How to Retain Top Talent

Organizational Culture Assessment: Strategies for Culture Surveys and Cultural Competency What are YOUR culture goals this year? from Lisa J on Vimeo.   Receive FREE Culture Tips and Tools Now Your privacy is assured. Your email will never be shared. Organizational culture assessment done properly, engages leaders and employees in a performance-improving dialogue. Video Script: Grow.…
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How to Renew Your Company Culture (Video)

It's Spring! Time to consider the shedding of what is no longer needed, the growth of new. If you are considering working on your corporate culture, watch this short video in the NEW Culture Bites series by Lisa Jackson. (How to eat the elephant of change? One bite at a time...) Lisa Jackson-Culture Bites 1…
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When You Should Perform Organizational Culture Assessment

When is culture assessment important?     Several trigger points indicate the need for an organizational culture assessment:     When one of these three conditions is true, it is essential to signal to people that leaders REALIZE the culture needs attention, and are willing to work on it.  That is what a culture assessment…
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Why Perform an Organizational Culture Assessment?

Why perform a culture assessment? An adaptive, strong company culture IS competitive advantage. Like a patent without an expiration date, it's nearly impossible for competitors to gain advantage when you have one. A great company culture is also the fuel source for change. You may have an engine (great strategy) and a vehicle (great products and…
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Why 96% of CEO’s Believe Their Company Culture Must Change

The Company Culture Dilemma Why DO 96% of CEO’s believe their culture needs change, yet 45% say their culture is not being effectively managed?* The top pressure for any organization today is to move faster in an era of less predictable outcomes. Markets shift faster. Technology is obsolete sooner. Customers have higher expectations. Employees manage their careers,…
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What Your Boss Should Know About Corporate Culture

The humor approach to corporate culture I  hear every day about how culture is the most important work of our era … and at times, the most difficult. New research confirms that culture is not just about “feel-good-at-work” (which IS important) but is the essential business process of the modern age. In May 2013: The…
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