Overcoming Resistance to Cultural Change

Winning in business today is harder than ever – and so is the job of a leader. Change is moving so fast and furious in every system in our global society, it is leaving our heads spinning with options, uncertainty, and confusion. The result is most workplaces have an unprecedented state of stress and burnout among their people. While changing organizational culture is not a magic bullet, the quickened pace of external change has often not been accompanied by fundamental shifts in the company culture.

Simply put, amid a perfect storm of change forces, the “inside” is often not keeping up with the “outside.”

Culture Change Consulting

Corporate culture is the underpinning of an organization’s ability to embrace ongoing change. If you need to innovate, adapt, and move faster and the environment in which that happens is not optimized then an intervention to shift cultural change resistance may be appropriate. There are specific business management practices you need to embed, and they aren’t common. Our approach is to teach you new ways of working that will gently but firmly shift your corporate culture, using a measurable support system for linking culture to your business objectives and strategy. This is a powerful approach to achieving breakthrough performance.


What You Can Expect

Our initial culture assessment and ½-day intervention is a great starting point for understanding culture and building a language for how culture drives performance in your business. You will take away:

  • A clear definition of how culture is impacting your results
  • An assessment of the culture barriers to performance in your organization
  • A specific list of recommended actions leaders can take to make business a stronger driver of performance in your company – and creating a “pull to the right” toward new, more adaptive ways of working


For an organization already committed to changing culture, we can play one or more of the following roles:

  • Assess and benchmark the existing culture.
  • Foster urgency and buy-in for culture change among the top team, including linkage to clear vision and strategy.
  • Define behavioral changes necessary to align with change, innovation and growth.
  • Build a specific project plan for culture change based on our proven methodology.
  • Train a cadre of business leaders to be change agents/culture champions – and how to become role models for change, adaptability and innovation.


“Lisa and Gerry were instrumental in helping us transform our culture and that has resulted in both our revenues and earnings tripling (300% increase) over the last 5 years.”

Mark Van Tine, President, Jeppesen