Aligning Organizational Culture with Strategy

Research* shows that on average, 75% of business change initiatives including mergers, new strategies, and technology implementations fail to achieve the expected ROI. *Mourier & Smith, Conquering Organizational Change, © 2001

In the face of increasingly rapid change, aligning actions to strategy is more difficult than ever, especially in the face of globalization, diverse workforce dynamics, and constant mergers.

Linking Corporate Culture and Strategy is about aligning 3 critical elements of your execution process during change:


Why Culture?

Corporate culture and strategy are linked together inseparably, in two important ways:

Establishing strategy is the easy part; the hard part is creating clarity and alignment within dynamic, faster-moving, global, diverse workforces. Culture is the wheelbase and grease of your strategy –the car moves faster and better when aligned and optimized.

Most businesses are in a state of continuous change and greater uncertainty. Corporate culture becomes an internal brand to foster a unified sense of “order and stability,” and align people toward simpler, easier ways of working that are friendly to change.

>What We Do

Corporate Culture Pros provides 2 decades of experience facilitating and coaching executives to align organizational strategy, leadership and corporate culture to support growth, innovation, and ROI during changes in strategy, such as a merger or new leadership team.

Aligning these elements of business performance is not easy – if it were, everyone would have it right by now!  There is no shortage of effort; billions of dollars are spent each year on change management.

Aligning corporate culture with clear strategy is the secret sauce of companies with the biggest growth and effective, high-performing workplaces. Less is more – it’s not about changing corporate culture at the fundamental level – that takes many, many years and often fails.

The power of tapping corporate culture to accelerate strategy is the key to speeding up and competing effectively.

When you show executives that culture alignment (versus true cultural change) is the goal – tying culture actions directly to business performance – this helps the executive team see culture as an imperative, rather than a nice-to-have.

Results You Can Expect

As a result of our Strategy-Culture Alignment process, you will see visible and measurable development in the organization’s capability in four areas of mastery:

  • Alignment of the organization and its resources toward a clear, compelling mission, business case for culture change, and behavioral values.
  • Ensuring a bias for action through clarifying decision rights and “pushing them down.”
  • Fostering cultural change toward innovation by breaking down silos and showing executives how to support effective cross-functional teamwork.
  • Developing leaders who are accountable to business results AND who understand the emotional and motivation territory of leading change.
  • Companies who “get culture right” are learning that it differentiates them in their customers minds, customers, speeds up execution, makes them more competitive for top talent.

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