Corporate Culture Training

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Corporate Culture Training for Leading Change

  • Connects culture to business performance.
  • Builds the workplace of the future.
  • Fosters tribes of enthusiastic, influential supporters for change.
  • Enables culture / change champions and powerful role-models.
  • Authentic leadership.
  • Sticky culture that attracts and retains top people.

Corporate Culture Training and Workshops: Foster the Un-Corporate Culture.

Traditional corporate cultures stifle the natural drive that innovates new solutions. When harnessed, great teams move mountains, disrupt markets, and win loyal customers. This takes new leadership skills that are not commonly taught.

Do any of these issues plague your culture change efforts?

→ Executives want to work on culture but there is no clear process or road map for identifying and cultivating the right behaviors.

→ You aren’t clear WHO will make a great employee in your company. You lack a focused process to identify, attract and retain “glove-fit” employees.

→ The top team in your organization is not aligned about strategy or culture, sending mixed signals that cascade into confusion.

→ Teamwork across the company is ad-hoc. It lacks agreed-upon processes to launch, coach, reward actions that lead to consistent high performance.

→ People overly focused on their silo or department’s work. Organization lacks training or process on how to effectively work across boundaries. Speed of change and customers are negatively impacted.

→ Conflict, misunderstanding, blaming, shaming is happening between generations in the workplace.

→ Cultivating an environment and leadership where people can continuously innovate and embrace change, stay connected to a meaningful purpose, and grow their contribution and impact, as leaders and influencers.

Corporate Culture Pros: Training Solutions

Five coworkers with hands meeting in middle. View from below.1. Culture Alignment Following Change – Company Culture Training for Communication Cascades

Restoring growth and performance (following mergers, rapid growth, new leadership) is tricky. We focus on organizational culture training through tapping passionate, productive tribes. Our approach settles chaos and uncertainty, stops (or slows) attrition of good people, builds greater capacity for change.

Wherever you stand in your culture work, we can help you go further, faster. Email us to start a conversation.

Corporate Culture Pros - My Change Game2. My Change Game – Organizational Culture Training for Leaders and Teams, Seeking Breakthroughs

Games and play are better for creating breakthroughs and buy-in to change. My Change Game is a team building exploration to encourage individuals to “BE the change you want to see in the world.” Serendipity and powerful insights ahead! Learn more…

3. Culture Academy: Building the Workplace of the Future

Need a virtual approach to culture training? This unique program combines teaching, facilitation, best-practices and proven strategies for fostering your culture as a profit center. In 8 convenient online sessions (on-site workshop available), you will learn how to:

  • assess your company culture and identify key pain points
  • build senior team alignment and a business case for culture work
  • catalyze passion and engagement among diverse employee audiences,
  • differentiate your organization from competitors,
  • ensure change programs are ongoing AND sticky,
  • attract and retain the right people (and reduce regrettable losses),
  • train a new generation to lead and succeed in a professional environment.

Learn more.


Collaborative Leadership Training
Team collaboration produces better ideas

“I have had a lot of success in my career, and I accredit a big portion of it to the facilitation skills I learned in this program. I am a better listener, leader, and change agent now. Thank you for your part in my success!”Steve Tomlinson, CIO, VT Industries

4. Collaborative Leadership: Culture Training to Strengthen Team Productivity

Attention is the new currency.

Influence (not authority) is the #1 growth engine for life and business.

Collaboration is the strategy. Master it through the Productivity Trio… Learn more.

In a world of rapid change, collaboration is a crucial adaptive behavior for seizing new opportunities, aligning people, experimenting and learning quickly.

The rules of fast evolution have never been more important to the health of an organization.

Collaborative Leadership Development Training is a must for:

  • leading at the speed of change
  • developing deep trust and alignment on teams
  • fostering discipline to goals, timelines, and budgets

Corporate Culture Pros’ Distinction

Our core belief is that corporate culture is your unique talent-strategy-leadership recipe.

(to be competitive for talent, customers, and attention.)

Bottom line, to keep winning, you have to BE BETTER. Continuously.

  • Treating culture as your #1 profit center – NOT at the expense of fun, individual growth, and work-life balance.
  • Knowing HOW a high-performing, high-touch culture works.
  • Working on organizational culture can be BOTH fun and high-payoff.

We have specialized for nearly 20 years in supporting cultural evolution.

CCP began contributing to the field of culture when it was a budding discipline. Since 1998, we have supported leaders in building culture as their #1 competitive advantage.

Our uniqueness is deep, diverse expertise in culture + an unwavering commitment to a personalized, amazing experience.