Corporate Culture Training – Managing Organizational Change

Custom Corporate Culture Training / Workshops

Organizations seeking to develop inter-generational engagement and culture alignment to rapid or major change, such as a merger, fast growth, new leadership, will benefit from Corporate Culture Pros unique approach to corporate culture training.

Corporate Culture Pros' brings 15 years of experience, to design and facilitate a custom workshop for your HR or business team, that trains people to lead the culture journey. One that attract and retain the right talent, supports growth, and gives you competitive advantage. We tailor all training to meet specific culture-strategy-leadership goals in your organization. A key aspect of our culture work is creating Culture Champions: role models for culture change who clarity and alignment toward new ways of working that support the business change, whether a merger, innovation program, new strategy.

About On-Site Workshops

Our 2-day Corporate Culture custom workshops improve your organization's collective capacity to manage change, develop leaders at all levels, and connect generations to drive high performance.

All workshops are interactive and collaborative, designed to accomplish several key objectives:

  • A shared understanding of what is culture, what is the current reality of our company culture, what must we change.
  • How will executives support the business change or strategy, with new ways of working and organizational culture training that may include: Clarity of mission, decision making, engagement of people, organizational learning, fostering collaboration across boundaries.
  • What is the role of a culture champion, specifically. What will these people do?
  • What new ways of working are we committed to, as a group (organization)?
  • Teach and practice change leadership and personal resiliency skills that make it easier to foster buy-in to change across the organization.
  • Workshops typically involves an element of team chartering, to enroll working teams, goals, and communications of the Culture Champion community. (otherwise this process is a one-time event and champions won’t be effective).

Without trusted peers who are living the example of what behaviors are expected, AND commitment through company culture training, true cultural change rarely takes hold or sustains.

Public Workshop Schedule:

Denver - May and November 2017; dates TBD. Join our email list for more information, by filling in your name and email on any page below "Free Culture Toolkit."

Online Workshop: Culture Builder Academy 

Check out our NEW virtual culture training; first session begins February 2017.

Results You Can Expect

A team or community of committed, enthusiastic and trained change champions who understand their job as culture enablers, and who are supported by senior executives.

The Change Curve: How Culture Champions Adopt Change

Corporate Culture Training Creates Passionate Role Models