Corporate Culture Training – Leading Organizational Change

Corporate Culture: How change happens In Real Life

Too often, leader put all the attention on the "left side" of the curve. Trying to convince people to change.

People who may not be ready, are skeptical or cynical, or simply don't care. Talk about pushing a rock uphill!

The real power in corporate culture training, mimicks "viral" influence:

  • Banding together a powerful tribe of enthusiastic, influential supporters.
  • Enabling them as culture / change champions and powerful role-models.
  • Leaders showing authenticity, trust-building, making people decisions aligned to values ... foster greater influence.
  • Sticky culture efforts are about cascading excitement to the right people first, then patiently cultivating their influence to effect real change.

This is how to build a healthy organization that naturally shifts and changes with the ebbs and flows of your vision and industry.

Corporate Culture Training / Workshops that foster the un-corporate culture.

There is nothing more powerful than a team or community of committed, enthusiastic people. Yet, traditional corporate cultures stifle that.

Tribal cohorts in business will move mountains ... disrupt markets ... and win loyal customers.

They are both simple and rare.

Our specialty is helping companies navigate big changes (mergers, rapid growth, new leadership) through culture training that foster passionate, productive tribes.  Our approach settles chaos and uncertainty, stops or slows attrition of good people, and builds greater capacity for change.

Corporate Culture Training Solutions

1. Culture Alignment Rollouts - Culture Training for Communication or Cohort Cascades

Wherever you stand in your culture work, we can help you go further, faster.  Email us to start a conversation. 

2. Collaborative Leadership - Culture Training for Team Productivity

Attention is the new currency.

Influence (not authority) is the #1 growth engine for life and business.

Collaboration is the strategy. Master it through the Productivity Trio...  Learn more.

3. The Change Game - Culture Training for Leaders and Teams, seeking breakthroughs

Games and play are better for creating breakthroughs and buy-in to change.

The Change Game is about "YOU being the change you want to see in the world."
Serendipity and powerful insights ahead!

Corporate Culture Pros' distinction

Our core belief is corporate culture is YOUR unique talent-strategy-leadership recipe.

(to be competitive for talent, customers, and attention.)

Bottom line, to keep winning, you have to BE BETTER. Continuously.

  • Treating culture as your #1 profit center - NOT at the expense of fun, individual growth, and work-life balance.
  • Knowing HOW a high-performing, high-touch culture works (and they're still too rare!)
  • Working on culture can be BOTH fun and high-payoff.


We have specialized for nearly 20 years in supporting cultural evolution. We were contributing to the field when it was a budding discipline. Since 1998, we have supported leaders in building culture as their #1 competitive advantage (now an increasingly accepted idea.)

Our uniqueness is deep, diverse expertise in culture + an unwavering commitment to a personalized, amazing experience.