Collaborative Cultural Leadership Training

Collaborative Leadership Training

Collaborative Leadership Training

The Art and Science of Influence

And Working Across Cultural Boundaries

This leadership development program focuses on in-depth skills to foster the right cadence and rhythm around organizational change and goals in and across your company.

It focuses on deep cultural skills development around The Productivity Trio:

  1. Meetings (faster, better)
  2. Decisions (making faster, clear decisions and understanding true empowerment)
  3. Influence (via transparency and trust-building)

Mastering collaboration across your business is how you bust silos and tribal alliances and foster greater cooperation, diversity, and healthy influence.

Not the kind of collaboration where people discuss stuff for hours and walk away without a decision.

The proper structure of true collaboration that quickens the pace of change, cooperation, and teamwork in your business.

“My time is very precious. These three days were This skill set was a very worthwhile investment. I will use the tools as part of my permanent management style, and coach my people to do the same.” – FC, Director, Pharmaceutical Company

This program is a must to lead at the speed of change.

The Business CaseThe SolutionExpected Results
Collaboration is the top skill set needed by today’s leaders:

• When and how do you build true consensus?
• How do you gain widespread buy-in to change?
• How do you get people (both inside and outside the company) from vastly different cultures, functions, and geographies aligned and effectively working toward a common goal?
• How do you improve decision making speed and focus on the customer?

Collaborative Leadership Training is a feedback-intensive leadership development course, transforming your organizational challenges into applied learning labs. The emphasis is on deep learning of facilitation, collaboration, and group decision-making skills, tools and techniques.

The format is proven and used by top consultants and features videotaped labs where participants gain personal leadership development plus analytical tools for strategic planning, problem-solving and project management in cross-functional teams.

Collaborative Leadership Training targets the following objectives:

• Increase customer-focused problem solving
• Manage teams and projects for on-time, on-budget performance that work toward shared expectations and accountability
• Facilitate highly productive and effective meetings and teamwork sessions that draw upon the creativity and interaction from all group members;
• Forge high-quality solutions to business problems in less time
• Create better decisions with greater buy-in.

Increased attention on the right things… by the right people at the right time.

Expanding the capacity for faster, better change and innovation across the business.

Collaborative (versus command-and-control) leaders who can:

• Break down silos
• Produce innovation across the organization
• Create consensus and commitment to change
• Increase value to the customer

Well-suited for business environments where:

  • consultative, solution selling is needed
  • turf wars or cross-functional silos are killing speed
  • influencing openness to change is crucial

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