Corporate Culture Builder Toolkit

Corporate Culture Builder Toolkit

Your DIY guide to higher performance and profitable growth by building a resilient organizational culture.

  • By 2025, 75% of the workforce will be Millennials. Most of them have no interest in traditional corporate cultures – they will start their own company or freelance.
  • 50% of workers will consider themselves in some form of freelance status by 2020 – freedom is the top quality desired by younger generations.
  • Deloitte’s 2017 Human Capital report, executives rated “creating the organization of the future” as their most important challenge.

Corporate cultures must evolve to align with today’s employment market and workforce if they hope to survive.

The Culture Builder Toolkit is based on our work teaching and guiding transformational change for almost 20 years.  It is designed to help you build a workplace culture where great talent wants to stay – the Toolkit is our documented how-to guide on what works.

Do These Problems Resonate?

The Culture Builder Toolkit is the process we have used in our consulting work in large and small companies.  We wanted to provide solutions for the too-common problem of workplace cultures that can’t keep pace with modern workforce demands and needs.

-People work hard but lack connection to meaning and purpose
-Good employees are quitting
-Projects are plagued by missed deadlines, budgets, or turf wars
-Rapid growth or mergers resulted in confusion in priorities and systems
-Change efforts don’t sustain (or are met with resistance)
-Customers are leaving for competitors
-Growth or profits are falling in one or more parts of the business, with no clear reason

The Culture Builder Toolkit is a road map for how to implement culture change. Our tool makes culture change accessible to any size organization. It was built around sound organizational change management principles, applied to leadership development and company culture.


What Is The Culture Builder Toolkit?

The Culture Builder Toolkit is an electronic, user-friendly 219-page PDF guidebook detailing 4 step-by-step stages for culture work.

It is based on road-tested strategies, tools, and tips for designing and executing a start-to-finish cultural change or culture building process in your organization.

This Toolkit will show you how and what actions make strong organizational culture an enabler of business growth, aligned performance and productivity.

Corporate cultures today must manage 5 essential practices to invent and innovate the organization of the future; all five are detailed in the Toolkit:

  1. Clarity – Mission and purpose-driven companies are the future. “Make tons of money for shareholders” is not a mission or noble purpose.
  2. Communicate to build trust – Leaders of the future are always looking toward the future and innovation. They inspire trust and foster growth in people.
  3. Cadence – shorter, better decisions and meetings to operate at the speed of change. Boom, “that was easy.”
  4. Collaboration – breaking boundaries to inclusion is a structured activity. The organization of the future knows it well.
  5. Customer focus – Everything centers around the customer.


  • Expert proven road map for building organizational culture and implementing change.
  • A 30-question assessment to help you identify your unique barriers to performance.
  • How to engage the senior leadership team effectively.
  • 5 core habits that define a truly great workplace, and tools to implement them.
  • How to define the cultural behaviors that best support the execution of strategic changes in the business.
  • Tips and tools to help all change initiatives stick.
  • Tap employees as corporate culture champions.
  • Communication planning strategies.
  • And much more.

The UN-Corporate Culture Builder Framework

The 4 Stages of Cultural Change (or Building), as well as 3 focus areas to act on the Human Element of Change – the fluffy people stuff that often derails the best-laid plans:

Changing Corporate Culture

What You Get In The Toolkit

219 page PDF guidebook, with how-to pages (including detailed explanations and examples) outlining our proven 4-stage culture change process

30-question PDF format Culture Self-Assessment

Creating Corporate Culture with the Culture Builder Toolkit




  • Overview of Culture Toolkit, Culture Builder Framework, How to Use This Toolkit
  • Why is Culture Building So Important In Business Today?
  • Defining the Culture Building Process
  • How to Lead Culture Building, Cliff Notes for Culture Building + 5 Habits to Cultivate

STAGE ONE: Culture Assessment | page 44 |

  • Assessment is About, Overview of Assessment
  • 6 Critical Steps to Culture Assessment
  • Assess Change Readiness
  • Assess the Organizational Culture
  • Share the results with the Senior Team
  • Share the results with Participants
  • Frequency of Change Monitoring Pinpoint Key Behaviors & Culture Habits
  • 5 Habits for Culture Building
  • The Iceberg, The Human Element & Are You Ready to Move to Awareness?

STAGE TWO: Building Awareness | page 63 |

  • Awareness is About, Overview
  • 5 Critical Steps to Building Awareness
  • Establish Urgency
  • Clarify Direction
  • Revisit Your Culture Habits
  • Build The Story of Change
  • Cascade Sessions to Create Urgency & Engage people
  • The Iceberg, The Human Element & Are You Ready to Move to Alignment

STAGE THREE: Forging Alignment | page 108 |

  • Alignment is About, Overview
  • 6 Critical Steps to Forging Alignment
  • Sponsor Culture Building: Leaders Must Go First
  • Define Responsibilities in Culture Building
  • Recruit & Organize Change Leaders
  • Implement a Communication Strategy
  • Implement Culture Habit #2
  • Working with Mindsets
  • The Iceberg, The Human Element & Are You Ready to Move to Adaptability?

STAGE FOUR: Developing Adaptability | page 164 |

  • Adaptability is About, Overview
  • 4 Critical Steps to Developing Adaptability
  • The Case for Adaptability
  • Implement Habits #3,4,5
  • Facilitate Two Conversations to Develop Adaptability, Using Change Leaders
  • Develop Mindsets of Learning & Resiliency
  • The Human Element
  • Final Advice

Culture Builder Toolkit - Corporate Culture Pros

Corporate Culture Toolkit
Building a Resilient Organizational Culture