Corporate Culture Building through Social Media

We are in the midst of a Communication Revolution.

I Like!


Always on.

Engaged with Multiple People Simultaneously (have you watched your kids text?).

Seeking the funny/relevant.

All of this matters now more than ever.

Of culture as a branding activity – but the perception you’re influencing is that of employees.

And these days, it’s got to involve social media these days or you’re losing opportunities. If you don’t believe it, check out this article on the new face of Facebook.

Here are 3 tips for using social media to support a great corporate culture:

1) Twitter without Twittering. Put out 2-3 short (140 or less characters) tips and tidbits about the culture you want to create. “Team leaders, what fun are you having for your team this week?”  Make leaders do it  – it has more weight than if it comes from HR or Comms.

2) Facebook news – build a business page with the leadership team, and put someone in charge of updating tidbits about the goings-on of leaders. Sometimes as simple as where they traveled, a client they met with, or maybe just that their kid took the soccer championship that weekend.

3) Leadership Blogging. A client of ours is assigning their Directors (key members of their culture champion team) the task of writing a short, 300-word blogs each month about “Why Culture Matters Here.”  There is a standardized format, but it makes them think about what they normally don’t (culture) – and it’s a powerful way of helping leaders become role models for the culture you want to create.

When there’s a revolution in your world, it’s a good idea to get on the winning side. Get with the program, communicate more – and increasing your following. 

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