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Business today is people and team-centered. Workplaces are undergoing complete transformation - who, what, when, where and how work is done is radically changing.

Cultural alignment is the top predictor of an organization’s ability to innovate, adapt and scale, serve customers better.

Why? In a knowledge economy, people, leadership, ideas are what creates innovation and workforce commitment. How you integrate these elements of a business or team, is your Culture.

In 20 years of cultural change consulting, we can say with confidence that the #1 predictor of an organization’s ability to sustain growth is HOW you hire, promote, manage performance, reward, recognize, celebrate … PEOPLE … and connect them to your customers.

This is a relatively simply concept but not easy to create (especially in rapid-change, complex environments.)  It means aligning (horizontally and vertically) people who are clear on their mission, and are rewarded for collaborating, coordinating, and enabling a consistent customer experience.

Corporate Culture Pros’ culture change management solutions are designed to address the root causes of mis-alignment, and restore your organization on a path to sustained profitable growth.


It has been for 2 decades. We understand the connection between leadership, strategy and culture deeply. We did not get into this game as a result of a fad.

We value our role as a partner to internal HR and company leaders, that enables your Vision, essential growth goals, change efforts, and passionate people to do their best work.

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Certified in Denison Culture Survey (and familiar with multiple assessment methods) we assist leaders in pinpointing clear culture direction, with our confidential, neutral, on-point analysis and recommendations, of specific factors hindering change or growth plans.

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Honeymoon over?  70% of mergers fail to generate expected ROI, often experiencing turnover rates >30% within the first year.  M&A culture-mismatch is painful but sadly, it’s an all-too-common (but unnecessary) failure point. Our goal is restoring alignment, quickly.

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Modern Culture Academy for 12 HRCI business credits, guides internal culture owners on creating executive buy-in, clarity and ROI in your culture. Learn strategies for 3 pillars of high performance and secure your culture road map. Virtual or on-site workshop format.

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New CEO?  Partnership Changes? Leadership alignment is THE highest leverage change a CEO can make to signal their change agenda. Our executive coaching has helped over 50 CEO’s strengthen Executive Team alignment. The result is clarity, accountability, cooperation, and trust at the top. Culture change is then positioned to succeed in the organization.

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Virtual training for companies - Corporate Culture Pros


Virtual training for companies who are sponsoring culture change, need support, but do not wish to engage an external consultant on-site. Custom program up to 8 sessions.

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My Change Game - Corporate Culture Pros


Do you know what characteristics Leaders of the Future need to prepare organizations for massive, accelerating transformation in the coming decade? Engage us for your Leadership Institute or Association to tailor My Change Game and Workplace Revolution keynote … and discover…

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