Organizational Culture Consulting

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Organizational Culture Change - Solutions Overview

Business today is people and team-centered.  Alignment (more than strategy) predicts whether any organization can adapt, scale, serve customers better.

Most leaders know culture is important - and, most do not understand the process of shaping it - especially following constant and big change.

Culture is how mergers realize ROI. How change is adopted. How profitable growth is consistent.  How you go beyond the "foos ball and beer" version, to a culture that consistently grows people, performance and teamwork.

Corporate Culture Pros offers a comprehensive culture change management process, through virtual and on-site methods of assessment, consulting, coaching, and training.

Culture Assessment

Changing Your Organization's Culture - Consulting/Training

  • Ensure the culture-strategy linkage is clear, and the culture change management process is scoped properly.
  • Co-design a road map with an internal team who can drive culture change-strategy alignment.
  • Train internal champions in practical tools and data to support culture change – can be part of a broader change management training or strategic consulting process.

Culture Change - Leadership

  • Ensure the top team is clear and aligned about why culture change, the link to strategy, and how the culture change management process will translate to business results and performance.
  • Teach leaders their role in sustaining organizational cultural change over time.
  • On-Boarding a new executive with a Culture Snapshot to accelerate their ability to understand and act on their organization’s barriers to performance.

Free Culture Change Resources, Success Stories, and Culture Tools

Culture Success Stories

Culture Change Proven Process - Brief overview of how we approach the culture change management process.

Collaborative Leadership for Change – How to Avoid Project Failure

How to Lead Effectively in Fast-Changing Times

How to Drive Business Performance Through Culture

Free Culture Change Tools

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Begin evolving your corporate culture today.