Small Business Culture Solutions for Profitable Growth

Managing Small Business Culture Improves Profit, Productivity and Performance

“Lisa’s work with our organization is directly responsible for 38% profitable revenue growth in the past 4 years, during a major downturn in the construction industry (many of our competitors went out of business during this time). Most importantly, we learned how to build a culture infrastructure of excellence, performance, and productivity as the engine of continuous growth. Worth way more than her fees!   –Brandon Berumen, CEO and Founder, LEI Companies, Denver CO

Research shows that building a company culture in which people are happy and able to do their best work, pays off in more profitable growth.  In fact, organizations that manage the right culture factors proactively can expect to achieve 3-4 times the return on investment* (profitability) compared to companies who do not.

*From Denison Culture Consulting, “Proving the Link” – June 2012


Entrepreneurs concerned with establishing market presence and profitable growth are constantly challenged to DO MORE WITH LESS. This means:

  • Every hire is mission-critical to the business.
  • Every employee has “make or break” power in the business.
  • Aligning people towards a clear vision and goals in a dynamic environment is challenging but essential.
  • High performing teamwork, which is grounded in clear agreements, is a strong predictor of how fast your business can grow.

3 Essential Ways You Can Leverage Culture to Drive Business Performance:

1. Rock Solid Teams

Teamwork is the foundation of all great performance.  Feats of glory and grit are rarely accomplished through the vision and passion of one person. In the face of greater competition, your ability to outwit, outpace and outmaneuver your opponents depends on solid teamwork within your company culture.

Corporate Culture Pros’ high-performing team process can be completed in a workshop or in a series of informal coaching sessions with the leader and the team.


  • Learn specific, rarely-practiced elements of igniting a team toward a common purpose.
  • Gain the foundation skills key to all creativity and continuous improvement efforts.
  • Foster relationships with high respect and high candor.
  • Learn how to create the continuous clarity, passion, and energy that is the hallmark of every high performing team.

2.  Staff Retreats that Energize and Inspire

Corporate Culture Pros knows that profitable growth in a business requires regular time to take a few steps back, and create breathing room for people to envision their future together. Lisa Jackson is known for designing and facilitating powerful Staff and Executive Retreats that blend team relationship building and intentional discussions about the desired culture with meaningful and rigorous planning exercises.


  • Expert planning support based on best practices from off-site corporate retreats.
  • Personalized attention to ensure the best blend of business and pleasure, with clear outputs.
  • Facilitation using proven techniques that engage and ignite groups, allows you as the leader to focus on your vision and strategy.
  • Unique culture focus element gets people excited and energized!

3.  Culture by Design

Your business plan didn’t happen by accident. Neither should your company culture: The fuel and engine that powers your productivity, performance and profit. Even a small organization of 5-10 people will benefit from understanding which practices foster a high-performing culture that drives strong business performance.


  • Understand what specific culture focus areas drive productivity and performance.
  • Top mistakes most entrepreneurs make, and how to avoid them.
  • Define the 3 core behaviors that will drive higher company profit.
  • Energize your organization behind a popular and engaging conversation.
  • Learn why culture matters to your business, and what your role as a leader is in optimizing the cultural tone and employee experience.

“A culture created consciously takes much less effort than fixing a culture of bad habits created by unconscious means.”