What are you doing to ensure your culture brings out people’s best, most inspired ideas?

You don’t need a consultant or a fancy spreadsheet to grow and innovate in your company:  The best ideas almost always come from the employees themselves.  Too often, executives are hesitant to create a direct conversation medium with their people, feeling it will intimidate them, that they can’t solve all the problems that come up, or they’re simply too busy.

And yet, the people working day-to-day in the business have the very best insights into:   

  • What’s working, what’s not in implementing a key strategy.
  • What drives them nuts, what they think is unfair.
  • What blocks or issues keep them from doing their best work.
  • What they need to feel glad to go the extra mile.

Like building great soil before planting, asking for and implementing front-line employee ideas before you implement a new technology or strategy is a great way to prime the pump and refresh a culture that will stimulate growth and innovation.  The key is doing so through a dialogue, not a survey. AND, visibly implementing some of their ideas.

Every business today can benefit from spending more informal time connecting the dots between the levels in the organization (we are not talking about a road show in which everyone is dressed their best, but real conversations about the problems and issues people face who are serving your customers).

What’s it worth to generate a continuous flow of good ideas and energy from the talented people who are the heartbeat of your business … and who are dialed into what your customers really want and need?

Try it and find out for yourself.

For a Free Tool “4 Key to a Culture of Engagement with Front Line Employees” visit us on the web.  (scroll to find the tool with this title.) 



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