Cultural Assessment for High Performance

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Culture Assessment: Confidence during Change


(Attention! Organizations Building the Workplace of the Future)

Digital disruption will wipe out 40% of Fortune 500 firms in next 10 years, say c-suite execs — Information Age, February 17, 2017

Linking culture and business performance

To survive (and thrive) in today’s rapid-change era, every organization must manage these critical culture and business performance dynamics effectively:

  1. Strategy, leadership, culture are in sync.
  2. Grow leadership to build the workplace of the future.
  3. Constant change: Retain and retrain great people.
  4. Align people to shorter planning and strategy cycles: “Pivot together.”
  5. Foster true collaborative leadership across functions to speed and customer focus.
  6. Manage new expectations and workplace demographics: Who, how, when, where.
  7. Calm the inevitable chaos from ongoing change / merging cultures.
  8. Develop a new generation of leadership at every level.

Adapt or die is real.

Managing corporate culture and performance effectively, is the formula to avoid extinction.

Cultural assessment for high performance

When culture is managed well, it unleashes magic and ROI.

Our value is showing companies HOW – and helping executives realize they don’t have to choose between people and profit.

Great leaders know a healthy culture IS what delivers the numbers, and employee engagement is more than a feel-good strategy – we’re all about the HOW.

As societal and workforce demographics and core values are shifting; culture change is still misunderstood. There is not agreement on one common approach to organizational culture and performance. The factors that create lasting commitment and excellence among people, are not always tangible or easy to identify and measure on the front end. (until they are baked into a winning team or stimulate a powerful innovation breakthrough.)

For two decades, Corporate Culture Pros has helped leaders / companies across multiple industries, geographies and size pinpoint, measure, and align people to change through our personalized service and customized programs:

  1. Assess culture and business performance after big changes: Post-merger integration, CEO transitions, rapid growth, change in strategy.
  2. Identify culture barriers and alignment issues that dilute growth, your capacity to rapidly recover after change.
  3. Zero in on trouble spots in the organization’s health (and leadership.)
  4. Pinpoint strategic and tactical issues that derail transformation, engagement, change.
  5. Recommend specific and proven practices for the workplace of the future.
  6. Ensure your investment in culture is a profit center for your business.

What Sets Us Apart.

Not a Me-Too in the culture space. Our cultural assessment work and culture change process has helped leadership of blue chip and entrepreneurial companies drive profitable growth AND value their people – including Merck, GSK, Boeing, Xerox.

We focus on organizational culture and business performance as a potent combination of strategy and leadership that creates competitive advantage.

We are known for creative, proven approaches that meet you where you are and guide you where you want to be with confidence.

We provide personalized service and we listen. We are a trusted and discreet partner to internal HR and company leaders, to solve problems related to rapid change, in a way that aligns with your core values and beliefs.

Culture ROI is our game.

Organizational culture is your internal brand which creates ongoing alignment, supports your capacity to change, and fosters successful competitive advantage. Companies like Starbucks, Southwest Airlines and Amazon understand and choose to view and manage organizational culture as a necessary business strategy, not simply a fluffy, feel-good “engagement exercise” or morale program.

Why our cultural assessment process?

Whether you have gone through a merger, are in a CEO transition, or experiencing chaos after rapid growth – our cultural assessment approach provides deep intelligence you need to make better decisions about people and performance – and signals to employees that their needs matter.

Corporate Culture Pros shines at defining the linkages between organizational culture and high performance; helping you make them actionable, specific and measurable. This is the foundation on which to build strong and sustainable growth.

We promise:

Discreet, confidential, professional.

In-depth analysis and actionable recommendations.

Personalized approach that will feel “just right” to you – no more, no less.

10 Reasons to Engage CCP for Cultural Assessment

  1. Experience. We have spent our career honing our culture assessment process to identify and shift leadership habits and workplace practices that support high performance.
  2. Depth. With great respect to the multitude of survey companies in the culture assessment space, most are experts in software and statistics. They can provide survey insight but not true culture assessment or actionable insight on the motivations of your people, and the trouble spots. We are seasoned experts in the intersection of psychological, anthropological, and business dynamics that underpin the people side of your change landscape.
  3. We speak executive. We improve your capacity for profitable growth AND nurturing people: This is not an either/or equation; we can prove it.
  4. Credibility with leadership– for many reasons, executives listen more closely and take to heart an outside expert’s feedback, even when it’s conveying the same information you know internally. HR, we get you! We are here to help you be seen as the hero in your culture change efforts.
  5. Honest. We provide truthful, relevant, straight-from-the-hip feedback a CEO can relate to. We don’t sugar-coat the truth, bury it in a fancy PowerPoint, or deliver vague, generalized advice.
  6. Professional, personalized service. We’re easy to engage, and committed to your results.
  7. Priced for Value. With a lean operation compared to bigger consulting firms; our expertise and pricing is about serving you.
  8. Objectivity and Discretion– people open up more freely and honestly to an outsider.
  9. Anonymity – we know how to preserve people’s identity, while uncovering an accurate picture of what’s limiting your growth or change effort.
  10. Speed – we can implement an accurate in-depth understanding of your culture’s strengths and weaknesses quickly.

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CCP’s Cultural Assessment Steps

Cultural assessment is an excellent place to engage an expert consultant not tied to your organization. Our cultural assessment approach usually includes the following:

  • Assessment design and consulting on target audience and desired outcomes.
  • Confidential interviews and/or focus groups with key stakeholders, including a detailed summary report, including themes and verbatims.
  • Tailored recommendations (and implementation support as needed) for modern workplace practices that improve your culture’s ability to execute your business strategy,
  • Building on existing culture/engagement survey data (if needed.) We have helped organizations debrief many culture surveys.
  • We are long-standing experts in the Denison Organization Culture Survey; we have consulted on qualitative processes for deep-dive into trouble areas that build upon a wide variety of existing cultural survey and employee engagement tools.

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