Cultural Assessment for High Performance


cultural-assessment-high-performanceAn Honest Look in the Mirror

Cultural assessment: "What gets measured, changes."

For nearly two decades, Corporate Culture Pros has designed, conducted, or supported customized cultural assessments for companies large and small, to:

  1. Strengthen culture alignment to execute a CEO's vision and strategy.
  2. Identify barriers and alignment issues that dilute a culture during rapid growth or change.
  3. Pinpoint values gaps and action plans that will hinder transformation and change.
  4. Provide an internally owned measurement system for tracking progress and engagement.

Culture should be managed as a profit center... as labor is your #1 cost center. 

Culture work can be tricky when good intentions to build culture lack a clear process and measurement element.

Effective culture leadership creates more profitable growth and innovation.  

Declaring "we need culture change" or "culture is important" raises expectations of positive meaningful improvements in people's experience at work.  Those must be supported by visible actions, tangible wins, and employee feedback on an ongoing basis.

Now more than ever, culture cannot be left to chance.

Corporate Culture Pros takes cultural assessment beyond the fluffy realm that plagues so many culture efforts - lacking tangible benefits and frustrating senior executives who need to see a link to performance and business results. 

Corporate Culture Pros CUSTOM cultural assessment solutions support your effort in several ways:

  • Design.
  • Measure.
  • Interpret.
  • Build action plans.
  • Debrief executives and other key stakeholders. 
  • Repeat and perform pulse checks. 

Let us help you link your culture work to clear business and people goals. 

Organizational Culture Assessment – How to Retain Top Talent

We Offer Two Types of Cultural Assessments


Cultural assessment is an excellent place to engage an expert culture consultant not tied to your organization. Why?

  1. Objectivity and Discretion - people open up more freely and honestly to an outsider.
  2. Anonymity - we know how to preserve people's identity, yet get an accurate feel for what's going on.
  3. Credibility with executives - for many reasons, executives often listen more closely and take to heart an outside expert's feedback, even when it is conveying the same information you already know internally.
  4. Speed - we can implement an accurate in-depth understanding of your culture's strengths and weaknesses quickly, within days or a few weeks - not months.

Cultural assessment methodologies depend on the goals and how the data will be used. We draw from best practices in:

  • Assessment design and internal deployment of data-gathering,
  • Confidential interviews and/or focus groups with key stakeholders, with a detailed summary report,
  • Practical recommendations to improve your culture’s ability to execute your business strategy,
  • Build on existing culture/engagement survey data. We have helped organizations debrief many culture surveys; we have frequently used the Denison Organization Culture Survey which benchmarks culture against 7 business performance measures:
    • ROI
    • Sales Growth
    • Market Share
    • Innovation
    • Quality
    • Customer Satisfaction and
    • Employee Satisfaction

cultural assessment - comparison-of-culture-and-performance


Based on our work in corporate cultural assessment during the past 15 years, we have created self-assessment tools and instructions to help you strengthen your culture health and fitness. This Culture Assessment Toolkit comes with strategies for using your data to engage senior leadership and build action plans.

You can download our cultural assessment do-it-yourself programs two ways:

Buy the Culture Assessment Toolkit ($25) with 6 detailed steps needed for building your own cultural assessment process that energizes your people - including a 30-question assessment tool.

Buy the Culture Builder Toolkit ($97) which includes the Culture Assessment Toolkit PLUS 3 additional stages of culture building AFTER Assessment:  Awareness, Alignment, and Adaptability in your company culture. Downloadable 211 page e-book filled with specific guidelines, templates, and proven tips for culture building, as well as the companion cultural self-assessment.

You can use our Toolkits for a team, senior leadership, or a random cross-section of employees.  The scope is determined by the goals for the assessment.

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation on how we can support your cultural assessment goals.