Cultural Assessment for High Performance


cultural-assessment-high-performanceAre you managing culture as your #1 profit center?

Every organization's survival in these turbulent times, depends on their capacity to quickly  (and continuously) change and adapt to:

New expectations of work.

Flexible, virtual, collaborative workplaces.

Rapid, ongoing change.

Preparing a new generation of leaders.

Adapt or die is real.  Old school corporate culture is dead.

For two decades, Corporate Culture Pros has helped hundreds of leaders / companies in multiple industries, geographies and size:

  1. Lead empowered, engaged culture change during mergers, new CEO on-boarding, rapid growth, change in strategy.
  2. Identify barriers and alignment issues that dilute growth and the capacity to create alignment.
  3. Zero in on trouble spots in the organization's health (and its leadership.)
  4. Pinpoint strategic and tactical issues that derail transformation and change.
  5. Recommend specific and proven practices for the modern workplace.
  6. Ensure culture work is a profit center for your business.

We are NOT just another Me-Too company calling ourselves culture experts.

For 20 years, our cultural assessment work and culture change process has proven itself, in companies large and small.

What Sets Us Apart.

We get pretty stirred up about the culture movement these days!  There is so much conversation and effort to explain and discuss organizational culture.  The culture landscape has truly exploded - including cultural assessment companies that have sprung up in masse.

Yet still, company culture is vastly misunderstood. There is no commonly accepted approach or governing certification body.  The factors that underpin a happy, healthy work environment (one that also drives profitable growth) are glossed over in the lack of understanding about the levers that work at the deepest level to produce alignment that underpins all successful competitive advantage.

Foosball tables, happy hours and yoga sessions are NOT your culture. Neither are your Core Values - although they play an important role.  Simply put, a healthy culture that ensures you can achieve your Vision, is about intentional shaping of an internal brand - and that is what produces the magic AND the ROI.

Cultural ROI is our game, and has been for 2 decades.

Why our Culture Health Check?

Our Culture Health Check is a different kind of cultural assessment:  Discreet, confidential, professional and personalized.

  1. Experience. We have spent our career honing our radar around cultural dynamics that prevent high performance.
  2. Depth. With great respect to the multitude of survey companies in the culture space, many are more expert in software and statistics more than people and culture. We are seasoned experts in the intersection of psychological, anthropological, and business dynamics that define the business change landscape today.
  3. We Speak Executive.  We do what we do for one reason: To improve your capacity for profitable growth AND help you retain more of the right people.  Yes, culture is a feel-good thing and everyone deserves a happy work environment. But you are in business and we get that.
  4. Honest. We provide truthful, relevant, straight-from-the-hip feedback that your CEO can understand. We don’t sugar-coat the truth, bury it in a fancy 500-slide PowerPoint, or position it to generate more billable time.
  5. Professional, personalized service. We make it easy for you to get this done, quickly and to your satisfaction.
  6. Priced for Value. Most culture analyses of this depth and quality would cost you at least double, if not three times, the cost of ours. We keep our operation lean and our overhead small, so we can focus on serving you.

Contact us for a private, no-pressure consult. 

Two Methods for Cultural Assessment


Based on our work in corporate cultural assessment during the past 15 years, we have created self-assessment tools and instructions to help you strengthen your culture health and fitness.

The Culture Assessment Toolkit is proven advice honed over 20 years of performing cultural assessment; for less than the cost of a workshop, you receive strategies and specific questions for designing, collecting, and using the data to engage senior leadership and build action plans.

Buy the Culture Assessment Toolkit ($199) with 6 detailed steps and build-your-own cultural assessment that energizes your people - including a 30-question assessment tool.

You can use this Culture Assessment Toolkit for a team, senior leadership, or a random cross-section of employees.  The scope is determined by the goals for the assessment.


Cultural assessment is an excellent place to engage an expert outside consultant not tied to your organization. Why?

  1. Objectivity and Discretion - people open up more freely and honestly to an outsider.
  2. Anonymity - we know how to preserve people's identity, yet get an accurate feel for what's going on.
  3. Credibility with executives - for many reasons, executives often listen more closely and take to heart an outside expert's feedback, even when it is conveying the same information you know internally. HR, we get you!  And want to help you be seen as the hero in this effort.
  4. Speed - we can implement an accurate in-depth understanding of your culture's strengths and weaknesses quickly, within days or a few weeks - not months.

Cultural assessment methodologies depend on the goals and how the data will be used. Our methodology will include:

  • Assessment design and consulting on target audience and outcomes,
  • Confidential interviews and/or focus groups with key stakeholders, including a detailed summary report with verbatims,
  • Practical recommendations around modern workplace practices that will improve your culture’s ability to execute your business strategy,
  • Building on existing culture/engagement survey data (if needed.) We have helped organizations debrief many culture surveys; we are long-standing experts in the Denison Organization Culture Survey; we have consulted on qualitative processes for deep-dive into trouble areas that build upon a wide variety of existing cultural survey and employee engagement tools.

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation on how we can support your cultural assessment goals.