Linking Corporate Culture and Performance

How do you measure culture and link it to business performance?

We use the validated, research-based Denison Organizational Culture Survey and the related Denison Leadership Survey to measure and target specific management practices and behaviors in an organizational culture that link directly to the most important performance factors and business outcomes:

  • Return on Equity, ROA, ROI
  • Sales Growth and Market Share Growth
  • Innovation (NPD and Future Market Growth)
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Quality


  • Study of 161 publicly traded companies from a broad range of industries
  • Contrasts the performance of the 10% of the organizations with the best culture
    scores with the 10% of the organization with the worst culture scores
  • Average ROE for the organizations with the lowest culture scores is 6%,  average
    ROE for organizations with high culture scores is 21%
  • Highly similar results for return on total investment


The Denison Organizational Culture Survey offers three major benefits in corporate culture assessment, in preparation for business-focused culture change:

  1. You receive a detailed benchmark of your organizational culture compared to 1076 organizations across industries and company size.
  2. The corporate culture debrief and model is business-oriented (not psychologically oriented) and provides a simple-to-understand language that everyone from the call center to the CEO can understand and act upon.
  3. The tool allows you to target specific culture change that will drive your business strategies and objectives, versus a “spray-and-pray” approach to your corporate culture change.

Contact us today to discuss a pilot assessment that benchmarks your cultural performance against 7 business performance measures, with a plan to address the gaps.

Learn more about the Do-It-Yourself Culture Assessment offered as part of our Culture Builder Toolkit.