Culture Assessment Instrument

Why Assess Organizational Culture?

The leaders we have been privileged to work with understand the chaos in our current times, and know it has an important message. The rapid, relentless, and forceful call for change in companies today hides a brilliant gem: Digging deeper beneath making a profit or selling goods unearths the opportunity to create a workplace that is driven by passion, meaning, pride and excellence – truly. Even while the outward success of profitability and making money remains essential, these workplaces are driven by the human spirit, not the churn simply for quarterly earnings.

Leaders who care about unearthing greater legacy and meaning in their lifetime, will do the work of corporate culture: They will reap the rewards of a culture that drives performance, at the same time they will reinvigorate their organization’s life source. They will engage the people in ways that truly allows people to do their best work and find a passion to serve, together.

Organizational culture assessment is our wake-up call to such leaders. It is the first step in moving from apathy to a powerful set of conversations that are the fuel-source of performance, profit, and achievement within a team or an organization AND the aesthetic quality that makes people LOVE to come to work.

The leaders we work with understand that building an environment in which purpose and happiness are noble pursuits, are also the keys to the kingdom of profitability and winning in your market.

READY TO ASSESS?  Our Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument is available now in the Culture Builder Toolkit, which also provides a 4-stage process for guiding organizational culture change.

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Description of Approach

This culture assessment process will guide you through 6 key steps:

  1. Assessing Organizational Readiness for Change
  2. Assessing Organizational Culture (using a PDF self-scoring instrument)
  3. Sharing Results with the Senior Team
  4. Sharing Results with Participants
  5. Pinpointing Key Behaviors & Culture Habits (including the 5 Culture Habits every company needs)
  6. Frequency of Change Monitoring

What You Get

2 culture assessment PDF’s:

  • Change Readiness assessment – a 16-point self-assessment of the negative and positive influences that will govern your change effort.
  • Culture Builder Toolkit Self-Assessment, with self-scoring interactive functionality.

PLUS a 19-page guidebook, excerpted from the forthcoming Culture Builder Toolkit, guiding you through how to:

  • Choose your target audience
  • Prepare for assessment
  • Get the most out of the assessment
  • Debrief and utilize the result to increase your chances for successful change

You can do this assessment with yourself, your leadership team, or administer it with your employees.

Sign up for your complimentary “4-stage plan” (upper right corner of this page) to take the first steps to a higher performing, happier, more productive workplace today!