Culture Builder Academy

Modern Culture Builder Academy: 

Virtual* Organizational Culture Training

For Leaders Seeking To Build Culture As A Profit Center

Organizational Culture Training

*On-site culture workshop available in 1.5 day format.

To win and succeed today means building a great internal brand that can execute your vision and strategy. (This is your culture.)

Why? Because the best performers CHOOSE to work where leaders care about culture, values, worker experience.

They leave organizations who don’t.

Culture training ensures that following rapid growth, a merger, or other big change, your cultural capacity to embrace change is strengthened, not derailed or diluted .

Culture training teaches HOW to innovate, grow, expand, using best practices for fostering a culture of high performance .

Culture training is about cutting through complexity surrounding culture, and helping smart, talented people CHOOSE to stay with your team or company.

Do any of these culture issues plague your efforts to grow and retain great people?

→ Executives want to work on culture but there is no clear process or road map for identifying and cultivating the right behaviors.

→ You aren’t clear WHO will make a great employee in your company. You lack a focused process to identify, attract and retain “glove-fit” employees.

→ The top team in your organization is not aligned about strategy or culture, sending mixed signals that cascade into confusion.

→ Teamwork across the company is ad-hoc. It lacks agreed-upon processes to launch, coach, and reward actions that lead to consistently high performance.

→ People are overly focused on their silo or department’s work. The organization lacks training or process on how to effectively work across boundaries. Speed of change and customers are negatively impacted.

→ Conflict, misunderstanding, blaming, and shaming is happening between generations in the workplace.

→ Cultivating an environment and leadership where people can continuously innovate and embrace change, and stay connected to a meaningful purpose, while growing their contribution and impact, as leaders and influencers.

Culture Builder Academy: 

Tools and Strategies to Grow Great

Culture in the Modern Workplace

WHAT is Culture Builder Academy?

An 8-week VIRTUAL online training program* for entrepreneurs, human resources and organizational development leaders seeking fresh strategies for growth, innovation, and leadership in the Modern Workplace.

*The Academy is also offered in an on-site workshop format, to quickly train an internal team and build your customized culture road map.

In 90 minutes of live web-based training each week, this unique program combines teaching, facilitation, best-practices and proven strategies for fostering culture as a profit center. You will learn how to:

  • assess your company culture and identify key pain points
  • build senior team alignment and a business case for culture work
  • catalyze passion and engagement among diverse employee audiences
  • differentiate your organization from competitors
  • ensure change programs are ongoing AND sticky
  • attract and retain the right people (and reduce regrettable losses)
  • train a new generation to lead and succeed in a professional environment
  • leave a legacy of leadership that makes a positive impact in the world

Who should attend?

This program is for Business Entrepreneurs, Human Resource, and Organizational Development leaders seeking proven expertise, strategies and tools to foster healthy, profitable growth through great workplace culture.

Consider enrolling if:

  1. You are leading an executive-sponsored culture initiative in your organization, are on a good track, but would benefit from clearer structure and outside expertise
  2. You are undergoing a major change or growth cycle (integration of merger/acquisition, new CEO, growth cycle, expansion or new markets) and need to ensure culture is aligned to the change
  3. Your organization’s people problems are hindering growth and competitive position, but you are not sure where to begin culture work
  4. You are consulting to clients who want fresh, innovative approaches to fostering a great workplace
  5. You are open to a peer-centered community on how to sustain culture work and keep it fresh

Outcomes, Deliverables, Benefits

The 8-week online Culture Builder Academy includes:

  • Six 90-minute live web-based trainings, based on our popular and comprehensive Culture Builder Toolkit framework – including:
    • Why “the Modern Workplace,” why now, and 4 stages that ensure your culture journey has proper architecture and support
    • Strategies for assessing your current culture and deeper empathy around key drivers and pain points of your employees
    • Clarity of direction and senior executive alignment – crucial success factors
    • Communicating the culture journey to the company, in ways that foster passion, energy, and excitement
    • Updating or re-vamping your “people systems” – best practices for hiring, on-boarding, performance management, team development, reward/recognition, honoring core values, and more…
  • 2 one-hour “best practice” Q&A calls, in which we will discuss what areas you are most wanting to solve or gain new approaches or insights into
  • A Facebook forum in which you can share best practices, and pose questions about your culture work, that I will answer personally
  • A complimentary copy of the Culture Builder Toolkit (or a discount off the program if you already own it);
  • 17 years of consulting advice at your service, to address your specific questions about culture work
  • Sharing ideas and best practices in a confidential peer-to-peer environment
  • All sessions will be recorded so you can listen later if you are unable to attend live

Why This Program, Why Now?

In short: Convenience. Content Depth.  Affordable expertise.

We want to make it a “no-brainer” for companies of all sizes and industries, to learn (or expand) proven culture strategies.

To participant in a community who are ALL focused on building a great workplace, that grows faster than its competitors.


Proven practices many of my clients have used to:

  • solidify ROI on mergers
  • execute on a crucial strategy, saving millions on consulting fees
  • revamp their hiring process to ensure the RIGHT talent is coming on board, VERSUS the spray-and-pray approach to hiring that may attract great people who don’t fit your company
  • learn how to create teams that adapt to change quickly, overcome resistance to change, and innovate new solutions for customers that grow profit centers in the business
  • And more…
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Why Corporate Culture Pros? About Your Facilitator

For nearly 2 decades, Lisa Jackson has consulted on how to build cultures of high performance, that can effectively navigate constant change and competitive pressures, and create a strong INTERNAL BRAND that can deliver on your EXTERNAL brand promise.

In the emerging field of culture, there are many consultants and facilitators who peddle themselves as culture banner; but culture work is a complex and deep skill set. Ms. Jackson has been honing the unique skill set of systems change and building high performing cultures for nearly 2 decades.

Lisa has consulted to dozens of companies and leaders at blue-chip companies such as Merck, GE, Avaya, Xerox, and many entrepreneurial organizations, to help them achieve these results.

This program is based on nearly 2 decades of learning and discovery in a setting that is easy, convenient, and affordable. We will arm you with concrete, practical tools and knowledge that have helped companies architect GREAT GROWTH through GREAT WORKPLACES.

We are not aware of anyone with the depth of expertise of our team at Corporate Culture Pros, offering a culture training format like this.

I hope you will join us and make this the year of an even BIGGER YES… to Your People!

Questions? Email and we will get back to you within 1 business day.