Culture Leadership

Why do 75% of change efforts fail? The answers lie in corporate culture and leadership – an area of focus that is rapidly becoming a critical success factor in today’s customer-centric, highly complex, global organizations.

Business culture is the collective ways in which leaders guide their people to:

  • Align toward a clear direction,
  • Make decisions,
  • Work across the business (functionally, geographically) to foster teams,
  • Adapt to rapid change,
  • Foster consistency in processes and core values

When there is steady state (no real change), culture mostly runs on auto-pilot.

It is only when changes in the strategy, leadership (or both) arise, that aspects of organizational culture become a road block to change. Existing habits, assumptions, beliefs, and mindsets do not always align with the new strategy, structure, or systems.

In today’s dynamic environments, these shifts in strategy and leadership are happening more rapidly, which makes it even more crucial to have a common language for knowing when organizational culture should and should not change to support the business direction and performance.

Every successful leader today must bust through the myths to understand corporate culture.

In our Culture Builder Toolkit you will get practical tools for understanding and improving the essential business process of your corporate culture:

  • What is culture, really?
  • Why is it so important to the business?
  • What does it mean to build and align culture to strategy?
  • How can I work on our culture?

Our organizational culture consulting focuses on 4 key elements

of coaching leaders to understand and align their corporate culture to strategy: