Leadership and Culture

Strengthening the connection between corporate cultures and leadership that effectively guide change, is rapidly becoming a critical success factor in today’s employee and customer-centric, highly complex, global organizations.

Corporate Culture Pros’ leadership training programs focus on preparing change-leaders of the future, to align with modern principles of how, when, and where work happens.

Leadership Skills for the Organization of the Future

Every industry is facing fiercer competitive forces, and companies need to build the right infrastructure for faster change and shifting  workforce expectations.

Building the “organization of the future” requires 9 core skills

  1. Dynamic, shorter planning cycles
  2. Strong capacity to lead change
  3. Ability to retain the right talent, build highly connected teams, embed challenge and flexibility into work assignments
  4. Collaboration across functional lines, with diversity of perspectives and ideas
  5. Autonomy and accountability
  6. Influence (vs hierarchy) and results-focus (over time or activity focus) to maximize innovation and productivity
  7. Ongoing personal development opportunities for people
  8. Remote and mobile work opportunities (at least some of the time)
  9. Creativity and idea-curating

Our leadership programs are customized to grow leaders in YOUR unique culture. 

  • Owned and delivered by YOU, after the pilot stage is complete
  • Created to expand the 8 skills outlined above
  • Aligned to your unique culture
  • Experiential, interactive, applied learning (versus lecture-and-test learning)

Contact Lisa Jackson at lisa@corporateculturepros or 303-898-3920 to learn more about our approach to leadership as a foundation element of Culture as a Profit Center - and help your Executive Team get (and stay) aligned: