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Culture Made Simple: Getting Back to Basics

If you are culture building ... the work of being agile and ensuring smart, talented people want to work for you... there are a lot of things you CAN do.

Yet only a few principles that really matter.

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Meanwhile ... to satisfy your immediate craving ...

Simplified Culture Building:

  1. Mission is King. You know this. And, knowing does not equal doing. The opportunity to ignite people around your unique purpose, create passionate excitement for it, is a daily practice. In the simplest sense, culture-building is ONLY about igniting people in the quest for a common mission. The bigger your organization ... the more you rely on talent not machines ... the more essential it is to build your Mission-Centered Brand.  It's not what you think it is - it's what your employees think it is.  If you do ONE thing, do this well.
  2. Small Change Works. Narrow your culture building work to ONE team or ONE skill or ONE new habit: Then get it right and ensure it sticks before expanding. Always center the work around felt-need or pain, and build on successes (versus trying too much all at once.)
  3. What People Want Most, is Mostly Unfulfilled.  We all know happier people at work leads to better company performance. (This happens mostly at the team level, by the way.)  To make this work, leaders today need a basic understanding of psychology.  All people want to belong, feel appreciated, be good at something.  (Leadership training should always address these fundamentals.)  The more you show people how working for you fulfills their basic needs, the higher your performance.
  4. Some People Don't Belong.  A significant challenge in culture building for every company, is weeding their garden. (Because growth depends on it.)  The people who don't have your company's or team's best interests at heart are obvious. They undermine others through their need for power, their ego. They usually get great results in the business ... yet always have leaders thinking they are indispensable. (they're not.) Sometimes, they simply don't fit the style of your office or work flow or customers - no harm, no foul. You know who they are. Teach your leaders to set them free on a new journey.
  5. Work-Life Dance ... versus Balance.  Life is not a series of boxes we step in and out of anymore. (House ... Car ... Train ... Work Cube).  Life for most of us today, is more like the Tango: Intense. Dependent on relationship.  Requires learning to react quickly.  Constant change with predictable structure. A process that must be felt to be enjoyed.  Relax the hold and get in the flow. Questions?
  6. Leadership is Needed Now More Than Ever. The old-school style of rigid hierarchy is changing, but the need for catalyzing, inspiring, clear direction never will.  If you want results and growth, you need to keep people focused. Training the first-level managers to LEAD is the most important work of our era.

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Happy Culture Building.


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