Empowerment at Work: Moving Past Parent-Child Cultures

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  • Eduardo Muniz

    Hi: Lisa: Excellent article thanks:
    How do you know people is ready to be empowered?
    How do you know leaders are ready to empowered people?
    I am interested. Thanks in advance

    • Lisa Jackson

      Edudardo, those are both great questions! Leaders must be taught to look constantly for people who are taking initiative, trying to solve problems in new ways, and who are asking good questions. Those are people who are ready to be empowered for a new challenge. Leaders should take small steps in this regard, by handing off an assignment and keeping in close touch (not micro-managing but being available) and coaching the person so it is a positive learning experience. This is how to build trust, so leaders don’t feel that empowerment is too big a leap. We have a guide for empowering people in our online Culture Academy. Hope that helps answer your question!

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