Evolve or Die: Why Boldly Adaptive Corporate Cultures Are Always Ahead of the Curve

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In a truly adaptive culture, competition is a positive force that inspires everyone to raise their game. How is yours doing?

Competition in business is often “the evil force” – who we have to fight against. Or worse, it shows up as internal turf wars that distract people by focusing on defending territory. This makes it hard for teams to do their best work.

An adaptive culture acts boldly and daringly toward its mission. There is a collective mindset that permeates all work: “We can ALWAYS be knocked off our pedestal.” It’s better to be Avis not Hertz! “We’re #2 and we try harder.”  A sense of urgency to always keep growing is a healthy dynamic for an organization.

In nature, this is known as evolution: A change in external circumstances (weather or nesting domain), prompts the successful entity to evolve, or die.  Buffers to extinction in big companies do exist, which is why urgency for change is often lacking. Develop a positive mindset, conversation, and process to “always evolve” in your organization – to take daring actions that put you in a new competitive arena. It excites and energizes people, and helps everyone understand that change is good and competition is a reality.

Winning in business today goes to the player who is most adaptive… not just stronger or faster.

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