Google’s Corporate Culture: Lessons For Any Company

Google's Corporate Culture

Google’s corporate culture is one of the most studied and admired examples of modern culture.

They wrote the book on how to create an employer brand based on innovation and employee well-being – and just plain coolness!

But how realistic is it to be “like Google,” for the average company?

Lisa Jackson shares 3 central tenets of Google’s corporate culture – and tips on how anyone can integrate them into their company culture.

Regardless of budget or other constraints – you can use these 3 lessons to create a healthy and productive employee experience.

Lesson One: The Foundation of Google’s culture is Trust. Not just “trust” in name, but actually believing your employees are completely trustworthy to do their job, add relevant input, and be accountable.  There is no substitute for leaders who truly see the value in leading this way.

Lesson Two: Innovation Everywhere. The 20% rule was invented at Google! All Googlers can use 20% of their time on any project they wish. Failure is CELEBRATED at Google – it signifies good work that leads to good products.  They have infamously recognized spectacular failures, including the precursor to Gmail.

Lesson Three: Hire Right. Google will leave jobs open – possibly up to a year! – to wait for the “right fit.” Scaling your company should never be faster than your ability to get the right people in the right roles.  This is not just about looking for the right skills, but also match-ups on character and core values.

Thanks for listening today.  If you want more powerful lessons on “how to be like Google” -be sure to check out our blog on Google’s Corporate Culture for more details.

Here’s to building your amazing corporate culture!

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