Help Employees Build a Change Friendly Culture of Opportunity

Corporate Culture Quotes on Change and Opportunity

Are you building a culture where everyone enacts this basic law? It is a leader’s #1 job and the difference between extinction, survival, and winning.

Change today operates on permanent fast-forward, for 3 main reasons:

  • The internet (which has transformed entire industries almost overnight, ie, real estate, travel, retail),
  • The ever-increasing speed of technological evolution,
  • A consumer marketplace driven by the expectation of instant availability.

These forces have placed tremendous pressure on every company in every industry. To succeed nowadays, employees at every level of the business must be taught to “search for change, respond to it, and exploit it.”

Easier said than done, in an organization of 1,000 people, let alone 100,000 people!

The key is teaching people to understand how change is good, and embedding habits in the organization that make it easy to share ideas and collaborate:

  1. Goal setting, simplified.  Make it crystal clear how you define success, and where you stand in comparison. People want to win, they often don’t know how to or what it even means.
  2. Decision making, simplified. Today, there are too many layers and barriers. Remove them.
  3. Create change forums.  Make it visible and clear “reacting to change” is an expectation by placing attention, resources, and top leadership attention on sharing stories and good news about changes in the industry and the company.

Check out our free tool on “4 Powerful Mindsets for Tackling Resistance to Change” and creating change-friendly cultures.


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