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Lisa Jackson speaking about company culture at the Buckle Up event

“Corporate culture is dead. But entrepreneurial culture — agile, passionate, mission-driven — has never been more important.”

—Lisa Jackson

Workplace Revolution: The New Reality.

Can your culture deliver?

  • 88% of leaders say “building the workplace of the future” is a top concern; only 11 percent believe they understand how to do it.  – Deloitte Human Capital Report, 2017.
  • In a few years, the Millennial generation will be the largest group of workers in the world – bringing vastly different expectations and aspirations to the workplace.
  • Can your culture manage virtual teamwork, foster inclusivity and transparency, drive efficiency and high performance?
  • Accelerating change and competition will ALTER competitive advantage in every industry.
We had a lot of interest for speakers for our biennial Human Resources Association conference this year. We went through a tough vetting process, with specific interest focused on our Keynote Speaker. Lisa’s presentation proposal was one of the best we had received, especially due to her unique way presenting, using a game as a learning tool! We thought this Keynote was innovative and a great way to engage with our members at the conference. She did not disappoint! By using My Change Game as a presentation tool, she was able to introduce great points for discussion while simultaneously allowing our conference attendees to participate with each other.
Amanda EricsonAmanda EricsonPresident, NCHRA

Work Revolution: Speaking Topics

All topics can be tailored for a 90-minute keynote or ½ day workshop format.
The Agile Culture
Leadership for the Modern Culture.
Sticky Cultures!
My Change Game
YOUR Topic

Jenni CohenHusch Blackwell Sanders
In 2 hours, we got more practical tips than I got in 2 days of a team building workshop.  Lisa gets to the crux of the matter quickly and showed us how to harness the positive aspects of our culture and make practical changes right away.
Deborah KellerQlarant
Lisa’s keynote message on the agile culture was both practical and engaging. She was asked to position her remarks at the 25,000 feet level and to serve as a lead in for a trio of our leaders to present how Agile will fit within our company culture. She tailored her talk perfectly and her passion totally connected with our employees. I could not have asked for a better kick off to our leadership conference than Lisa!

How I'm Different

  • Any keynote speaker brings dynamism, confidence, and a powerful personal message. What differentiates me is what my grandmother used to call “being a bold servant.” I believe my soul was put on this Earth to inspire people to reach higher, beyond old ways of thinking and acting.
  • I tailor all of my presentations – we will collaborate to select the right message and format for you.
  • I listen carefully to create a unique and powerful experience for your audience. I want people to take meaningful action and champion positive changes as a result of my message.
  • I give more value than you expect and am easy to work with.
  • I’ve been doing organizational culture change work for 20 years. I bring stories and real-world perspectives from the corporate world with the personality of a keynote speaker.
  • I come from humble roots; I live the values I teach.
  • I make serious stuff entertaining and digestible, in a way people can hear and enjoy.
Lisa Jackson, Corporate Culture Pros
Lisa brought a terrific level of collaboration to her engagement with us. She worked with our internal team to design and develop an all-day learning session which helped our high-potential executives understand both the business case for culture and tactics for better driving our company’s mission, vision and values.
Rob HorganDirector Executive Development, MGM Resorts University