``People don't resist change.

They resist BEING changed.`` -Peter Senge


“70%—90% of acquisitions are abysmal failures.”
-Harvard Business Review


Merger cooperation post-deal is like the Brady Bunch! What’s the problem?

(said no one ever).


Mergers are on the RISE in 2021

During Q1 of 2021, global mergers & acquisitions are up 94% compared to Q1 of last year, recording the highest year-to-date total since 1980 (Refinitiv).

Mergers are a top growth strategy IF you avoid the fallout:

  • 70-90% failure is typical
  • 30% or greater voluntary attrition in the first year
  • Leadership focused on acquisition and not alignment

How can you preserve your investment and the health of BOTH cultures?

Land Mines and Opportunities Post-Merger Integration

TOP 3 Causes of M&A Failure

  1. Seller “laissez-faire” + buyer with unrealistic expectations.
  2. Culture shock derails the integration.
  3. Poor communications from the beginning to the end of the M+A process, leads to confusion, lack of proper hand-offs = high attrition.
Lack of aligned purpose among top leaders
No cultural due diligence
Divergent expectations in integration

Creating Value Post-Merger

How to be in the 10-20% that succeed?

  • Diligent financial/business analysis translates to value ONLY when leaders are aligned on implementation of clear integration plans
  • Stakeholder BUY-IN is where the real value is captured in a merger: Do employees and key partners WANT and EMBRACE the change?
  • Culture FOCUS on preserving and evolving the “special sauce” of both companies creates competitive advantage long-term

3 Essential Elements of Merger Success

  1. Accelerate Growth with Quick Wins – requires leaders at the top to be aligned
  2. Evolve a Common Culture to Unify People – catalyze enthusiasm for “WHY” and “WIIFM”
  3. Create a Simple, Winning Strategy – drive speed and quick wins in execution

20+ Years of Experience in the M&A Space Culture Pros has created a valuable resource

Inside Your Playbook:

  • Primary causes of merger failure (and how to avoid them)
  • Lessons from famous flops
  • 3 essential ways to achieve rapid success
  • 4 stages of culture integration, with goals for each
  • 5 essential habits for igniting innovation in a merger
  • Tips on culture assessment, including sample questions
  • Follow-up video lessons with examples

Profitable Growth =

Happy People + Good Ideas + Perseverance

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