My Change Game

Change Moves Fast.
Are You Leading The Pace?

Ready .. Set .. Change!

When people are having fun and connected to purpose, they MOVE.

My Change Game inspires movement and action!

Give modern, fresh appeal to your company change kick-off, Leadership Institute or culture change team…

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My Change Game inspires ways to get people connected
Kitso, Change Practitioner

“Engaging and thought-provoking. Loved it!”

-Kitso, Change Practitioner

Sharon, Change Coach

“Very powerful way to clarify where I’m at with my goal, in areas where I felt stuck and stagnant.”

-Sharon, Change Coach

Emily from SendGrid

“Great game flow, makes it easier to talk about a bigger goal.”

-Emily, from SendGrid to Catalyst Planning Group

Corporate Culture Pros - My Change Game

It’s Personal.

In my 2-decade change management career, I’ve seen lukewarm efforts, utter failures, exploitive leadership … and raving successes. There is vast knowledge of processes for leading change in today’s world.

Yet, we have barely scratched the surface of what truly ignites people to move and connect and care about organizational change.

I wanted to find a better way.

A better way to help leaders and companies navigate rapid change, and foster profitable growth.

A place where people #LoveWork.

“Really valuable to learn from everyone else’s Aha moments!”

— Katie, Financial Services IT Director

“The Game created cohesion on our team and clearer understanding of our challenges and goals – while allowing us to create positive steps forward.”

— Tim, HR Leader, Healthcare

“The questions were very thought-provoking and helped me arrive at clear next steps.”

–Jessie, Engineer

The Problem With Change.

Traditional approaches to change often feel dry, heavy or forced. With a focus on new behaviors and processes, core beliefs that underpin habits are not addressed. This creates more compliance than enthusiastic commitment.

In efforts to sell, convince, (outright railroad!) people towards change … the biggest variable in success is often ignored: People and Free Will.

My Change Game is a fresh approach to creating a vocal majority in change efforts.

Drawing on two decades of in-depth culture building and transformational change in large and small companies, My Change Game is not just team building – it marries personal breakthroughs with proven practices for successful, high-impact change.

Enter, Play.

My Change Game is a fun, interactive board game that creates a different, positive conversation during organizational change.

The Game will help your people:

  • Clarify and embrace a fresh or new vision of the future.
  • Strengthen purpose and passion for your Mission.
  • Restore productivity and sanity following major, disruptive change.
  • Translate uncertainty into a clear path forward.
  • Stimulate greater personal commitment to a desired goal.
  • Build faster momentum towards change.
  • Spark self-awareness, deepen empathy, and step willingly outside their comfort zone.

Played in small groups, My Change Game stimulates “out of the box” breakthroughs on common problems during change: Apathy, passive-aggressive behavior, procrastination or feet-dragging, personality conflicts, endless circular conversations.

The Game incorporates sound organizational change principles into a fun, engaging experience, with depth and professional growth.

Focus conversations in corporate change

Focus Conversations

“Fantastic! Within a few minutes, the Game shifted me from anxiety to clear action steps.”

–Lisa, Non-Profit Executive

Sharpen commitment in corporate change

Sharpen Commitment

“Great way to open up communication on our Team, about things that would have been sensitive to discuss.”

–Phillipe, HR leader

Increase personal responsibility in corporate change

Increase Personal Responsibility

“Love the clarity – it really helped me create a new focus and direction.”

–Michelle, Artist

About the Game Inventor

Lisa Jackson is the CEO and co-founder of Corporate Culture Pros, a boutique firm specializing in culture and leadership, during rapid growth and change.

For two decades’, she has partnered with Fortune 500 companies and Small-Medium Businesses to support culture alignment during mergers, new CEO transitions, rapid growth.

Ms. Jackson is a keynote speaker and thought leader on The Modern Workplace: How your unique culture brand helps you adapt faster and out-perform your competitors.She is co-author of 2 books on transforming culture.

A revolutionary at heart, Lisa resides in Colorado where inspiration is a hiking trail away.

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Lisa Jackson, Corporate Culture Pros

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