Culture Assessment For Organizational Change

Our virtual or on-site cultural assessment is the first step in helping businesses optimize high-performance cultures positioned for rapid change. We assess individuals and teams using key agility and performance metrics to inform where companies are and how to improve.

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Kickstart Agile Culture.

Agile culture is increasingly recognized as critical to the survival, growth and continuous innovation of a business. Largely dependant on an entrepreneurial mindset pervading the organization, a strong agile culture gives employees a sense of shared ownership and common purpose.

Through our assessment, we pinpoint where you stand on metrics related to employee happiness and engagement, team efficiency and collaboration, communication, knowledge distribution, and shared leadership. We will show you which people, culture habits, work styles, and behaviors are agility enablers and which are inhibiting your ability to compete.

Organizational Culture Assessment for Agility
Corporate Culture Assessment For Agility and High Performance

Assess Your Competitive Edge.

How effectively is your culture driving performance? Which trouble spots need to change or improve to achieve agility? Do you have a distinctive value proposition to acquire and retain the best talent? Creating a workplace that allows the human spirit to achieve new heights begins with assessment.

Assessment drives organization-wide buy-in for building an agile culture that fosters winning performance, new ways of working, and committed, passionate employees. It is the foundation on which you will establish strategic goals to create meaning and joy, draw on everyone’s creative talents, and allow people to live and work freely while increasing company-wide productivity and profitability.

What Are The Outcomes?

Determine the negative and positive influences that will affect your competitive edge in today’s economy.

Benchmark your culture to industry peers.

See the correlation between your culture and 7 common business metrics.

Create a powerful story for executives.

Develop a value proposition to attract and retain top talent.

Culture Assessment For Employee Retention and Business Growth


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