Our Story

Lisa Jackson speaking about corporate culture

“What you’re doing, is changing our culture.”

“We are seeing more collaboration.”

“More effective problem solving. Less personalized conflict.”

“Fewer heroics and turf wars.”

Helping people ENJOY WORK drove us.

The opportunity to transform outdated customs and work habits that remained largely unquestioned for the past century – this fueled us through constant travel, long days, tough conversations with CEO’s, the risks that come with entrepreneurship and boutique consulting.

Thus, Corporate Culture Pros was born.

In those days, Culture Change was what companies did when a new CEO took the helm, or results were declining. Occasionally, a progressive leader stood up and said “We need change … and it has to start with the culture.”

We were changing organizational cultures before Google was synonymous with “Cool Culture.”  Before Netflix was born. Before Amazon was nothing but a renegade bookseller no one took seriously.

20 years later, we’re going strong.

Mission-driven causes don’t retire … they “re-wire”.

We do things differently now, but we are no less passionate and purpose-driven.  In fact, amid massive workplace transformation, Our Mission has grown in urgency and proportion.

We believe all people deserve to ENJOY WORK … and grow in the process.

Our best teachers over the past 20 years have been courageous clients.

The alchemy of a powerful and creative exchange of ideas is what a good external consulting firm brings to you.  And, we believe that has to add value to your business in meaningful ways. And, that creativity, aesthetics and profitable growth can co-exist – in fact, that they DO, when you choose to see them as integrally linked.

Our tools and narrative may have changed over two decades, but our commitment to giving our clients the highest level of personalized service and innovative solutions will never change.

Your people, your needs, your culture – we are clear and unwavering in our commitment to:

  • Relentless focus on helping you foster winning performance.
  • Expertise in strengthening the emotional connection and commitment of employees to your company.
  • Fearless honesty about what is hindering you in creating both.

Our goal is to add massive value, period.

You need to own your cultural journey. We are here to support and teach – not to install a huge team or maximize billable time.

Please Contact Us for a no-pressure chat about your culture effort.

We’d love to hear from you.

Gerry and Lisa