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Lisa Jackson Corporate Culture ProtIn an Era of Constant Change and Fierce Competition ..

Is your culture built to win?

--> In just a few years, the Millennial generation will be the largest group of workers in the world. They bring new motivations, expectations, and aspirations to the workplace. 

--> Change has never moved as fast.

--> Culture revolutions are underway in every industry and every company size.

Is your culture being managed as a profit center for your business? 

All leaders today must understand how to enable profit drivers of Trust, Accountability, Collaboration and Teamwork.

For 15 years, Ms. Jackson has been teaching the WHY, WHAT and HOW of creating workplace cultures that out-pace and out-perform your competition. Most recently, she has worked with respected entrepreneurial and corporate leaders who want to inspire, train, and develop a new generation of leaders.


Are you building a modern workplace culture that fosters high performance, innovation, and a new generation of leaders?

“Lisa’s presentation was very well received with many takeaways for our audience. Culture is too important too ignore” --Julie Metsker, Western Michigan ACG

“Lisa brought a terrific level of collaboration to her engagement with us. She worked with our internal team to design and develop an all-day learning session which helped our high-potential executives understand both the business case for culture and tactics for better driving our company’s mission, vision and values.”  -Rob Horgan, Director Executive Development, MGM Resorts University

Why Book Lisa?

A culture where your people are healthy, happy, and clued in to the needs of the business pays off big.  On average, you can expect 3-4 times the ROI (profitability), compared to companies who do not manage these key factors.  Lisa's keynotes and workshops reveal WHAT leadership and team habits matter, and which ones don't.  

Lisa's lively style and deep knowledge in culture will be translated to your group's specific needs:   

  • The most common mistakes leaders make that derails performance and productivity,
  • What habits are most essential to the modern workplace, that engage Millennials (and ALL top talent),
  • Which culture habits produce the biggest bang (and cost the lowest bucks),
  • How to engage culture champions to create passionate and highly engaged teams,
  • What NEVER to do in meetings,
  • Why Company Values are often meaningless, and what to do instead,
  • The real reason great employees leave your company and how to prevent it.

Book Lisa Today for a leadership keynote on The Modern Workplace,

tailored to your needs. 

"In 2 hours, we got more practical tips than I got in 2 days of a team building workshop.  Lisa gets to the crux of the matter quickly and showed us how to harness the positive aspects of our culture and make practical changes right away.”  – Jenni Cohen, Husch Blackwell Sanders

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Lisa Jackson, Corporate Culture Speaker, on Building Your Culture IQ:

About Lisa Jackson, Corporate Culture Speaker

For 15 years, Lisa Jackson has spoken to hundreds of leaders and companies across the U.S. and abroad, delivering on-target keynotes, consulting, and training with respected companies such as Merck, GE, Boeing, Xerox, MGM Resorts, ACG, on how to build the modern workplace that ensures you out-pace and out-perform your competition.  

Lisa is an author of two books on culture change, as well as a weekly blog on workplace performance, productivity and profitable growth.