Executive Career Rescue

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Executive Career Rescue

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The Issue

A trusted and valuable executive in a rapidly growing energy company is on the verge of having to resign, due to a combination of job fit, performance, and communication problems.

The executive’s job was facilitating senior leaders to design and produce major international deals in energy acquisition and management.

In this case, changing one executive was the foundation for wide impact on the entire company culture.

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As a result of being in over her head…this executive was:

  • Dropping important details;
  • Losing credibility from a weak personal style in meetings and presentations;
  • Missing the “core issue” on critical matters;
  • In immediate danger of being dismissed for a key promotion that would further leverage her talent and
    expertise in the organization.

The organization and her boss lacked patience for a long-term coaching intervention – something needed to change quickly. The position she was being targeted for was a good fit for her technical expertise, and the organization urgently needed the position filled.

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Overarching Goal

In a very short period of time, identify and correct the patterns that were limiting her contribution to the organization, thus saving her job and the company’s investment.
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Corporate Culture Pros Intervention

  • One pre-meeting phone interview with the executive
  • One-on-one interview with superiors and clients
  • One 6- hour in-person coaching session with the executive.

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The Payoff

  • The executive has been promoted to a position in an international office and is consistently producing results that satisfy all her clients and managers.
  • She is happy, engaged in her work and growing in the company.
  • This talent turnaround saved the company at least $500,000 in replacement and severance costs.

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The Moral

A little goes a long way…with the right coach at the right time.
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