Green Managers In A Patchwork Culture

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Green Managers In A Patchwork Culture

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The Issue

Through a strategy of numerous acquisitions, a successful financial services company has experienced rapid growth of market share.
The result was a “patchwork quilt culture” with little or no cohesiveness between major divisions, diverse levels of performance among divisions, and massive confusion about who was doing what.
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The leadership lacked depth of management experience. Many managers were very young – in their 20’s and 30’s – having been promoted based on technical expertise with little or no training in leadership and management skills. Employee surveys clearly identified a need was for improved communication and leadership. The company was experiencing excessive EEOC related lawsuits, morale problems, turnover increases, and lost business opportunity due to employee productivity problems.
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Overarching Goals

Improve communication skills – top-down and across – as a critical component of leadership, especially related to building interdependence and relationships between divisions, creating a more cohesive and integrated culture.
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Corporate Culture Pros Intervention, Part One

Initially, Corporate Culture Pros was hired by the CEO and COO to coach them for the presentation of their corporate-wide video broadcast appearances. The purpose of these broadcasts was to create buy-in for the company vision, strategy and direction. Corporate Culture Pros’ one-on-one coaching focused on improvement in two major areas:

  • Build an interactive, more personal connection with the audience, rather than “talking heads”
  • Create an aligned set of messages about the future and company direction, rather than just “putting out the numbers.”

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Corporate Culture Pros Intervention, Part Two

Following the presentation coaching, Corporate Culture Pros also designed a customized module on communication for the company’s Leadership Development program, targeted to 3000 directors, managers, and supervisors world-wide. Corporate Culture Pros consultants have delivered the training, and are currently working with the organization to transfer the skill internally. The focus of the one-day program was on actionable “drills” that participants could take forward and apply to their day-to-day management situations. The training module effectively taught the precise skills needed by managers to improve their communication in practical, interesting, and easily learned exercises.
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The Payoff

The following comments collected from the organization’s leadership indicate successful in-process measures for the way meetings and team work sessions are conducted:

  • The video broadcast gained substantial company popularity, and built an important bridge between top leadership and 30,000+ employees across the entire world, a key element of becoming a more unified company culture.
  • Feedback from trainees consistently demonstrates the Corporate Culture Pros Communication program is the best in
    the 14 class series.

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The Moral

Culture change is 80% a communication process – and communication is the foundation of building relationships for business success.
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