CCP Testimonials

Colin Mackenzie, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare

As a President, I know culture is essential but I struggled to find the link to results. Lisa and Gerry made that link simple to understand and gave our people a process to change the culture themselves. We are seeing profound results in a very short time.

Brandon Berumen, CEO, LEI Companies

Worth every penny we spent – from someone who does not like consultants, this says a lot! The work Corporate Culture Pros has done here has been absolutely critical to achieving our bottom line performance goals in the business.

Mark Van Tine, President, Jeppesen (Boeing subsidiary)

Lisa and Gerry were instrumental in helping us transform our culture and that has resulted in both our revenues and earnings tripling (300% increase) over the last 5 years.

Doug Jenkins, VP, Global Products Delivery Group, Xerox Corporation

I have experienced enough change as a leader to see that adaptability is the key to survival/thriving for an individual and a company. This book is a powerful and highly readable expose on being a more adaptable leader in uncertain and challenging times. I read a lot of books on leadership, and learned several new things I can put to use immediately. I enjoyed it immensely.

DS, Senior Director, Health Services


Corporate Culture Pros have outstanding capacity to create group ownership and momentum, whether through strategic planning, to correct non-functioning or poor functioning teams, or in launching a brand new team. The greatest value they provide is their brilliance at diagnosing problems, and their subsequent ability to help the group clearly discover the real issues for themselves.

CM, HR Manager, State Agency

State Agency

They added significant value by transferring their consultative skills – questions and approaches to achieve high levels of buy-in and responsiveness, what and how to look for root cause of issues, how to partner with management on delicate and challenging issues. Every step of the way, Lisa & Gerry did more than what we expected.

LT, President, Coaching Network


Lisa & Gerry’s ability to get to the culture issues quickly, delicately and with grace is astounding. They make it clear what they can and can’t deliver, and work hard to establish mutually understood expectations, time frames, and costs. They don’t shy from frank conversations about the commitment required, “speed bumps” in the process, and the challenges we will face.

MR, President, Marketing Consulting Firm


Gerry and Lisa are great at offering insights that can produce immediate results. With one client, they provided a solution during a lunchtime meeting that the executive used the next afternoon with very effective results.

NO, VP, Advertising Agency


Thanks to your help, our senior leaders are in complete alignment about where we want to take our business. It’s awe-inspiring to look back and see how far you helped us come in just a few weeks.

JP, VP, Pharmaceutical Company


Creating a joint vision and establishing common aims and objectives among two vastly separate departments was a huge challenge, with the odds stacked against success. Lisa & Gerry’s fool-proof process helped achieve collective commitment and buy-in to a future that has become much clearer and brighter as a result.

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