CCP Testimonials

JR, Senior Director, Marketing Company


The biggest benefit of their programs is remarkable skill transfer. You get enormous value for your dollar because when the project is over, the competence and capability belong to you.

LT, President, Consulting Firm


Lisa & Gerry do not come with a set prescription. They are expert at discovering what each client really needs, and what processes will elicit the right outcome for each group.

EE, Senior VP, Pharmaceutical Company


Gerry is extremely valuable in situations where a key employee isn’t working to full potential, where there’s a poor fit or where there are communication problems. Especially when you need to salvage talented, high-level executives, this kind of intervention can save you a lot of money in severance and replacement costs.

MR, President, Marketing Consulting Firm


Lisa has an exceptional gift for listening and for hearing what is said and not said, but her most valuable ability is to pull out the essence of what is important and get to the core of the issue.

Art Phillips, President, Tamarack Insurance Company

Tamarack Insurance Company

Our business was feeling “flat” even though the numbers were still good. Lisa & Gerry guided our leadership team through a “look in the mirror” – an eye-opening process that ultimately resulted in our best year of performance ever.

HB, Chairman, Software Company


Misunderstood communication is the cause for most of the conflicts in business today. Corporate Culture Pros gave us tools to solve these problems, allowing our management to concentrate on company growth and profits.

GR, VP, Pharmaceutical Company


We learned tremendous skills in this program. But perhaps the most valuable learning was that our people don’t always want or expect us to have the answers. In fact, people are most committed when we use these skills to help them actively discover the answer.

GW, VP, Energy Company


The simple process Gerry taught me helped me become more focused, clarify what I wanted, take greater risks, and take charge of my career path. I credit him with significant results, including doubling and then tripling income within two years.

RB, Senior VP, Pharmaceutical Company


The change process we must undertake is daunting. We can buy the technical solution from a consultant, but the “drop-in” solution will never succeed if the people who have to live with it every day don’t own it. This program provides the skills we need to build a sustainable solution, with real commitment and real ownership. We’ve used it before and it works.

MG, Senior VP, Pharmaceutical Company


This training from Gerry and Lisa really works. It is helping us run more efficient meetings and do more effective problem solving. The most dramatic example of applying the tools: Immediately following the training, we used what we learned to create a complex road map for our future that we all understand and can use to help others understand.

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