CCP Testimonials

KR, Director, Pharmaceutical Company


My time is very precious. I honestly thought this would be a waste of our time. Far from it! It had tremendous impact on me, professionally and personally. I will use the tools as part of my permanent management style, and coach my people to do the same.

RG, Senior Manager, Insurance Company


Our people are now learning the business language of culture. Lisa & Gerry focused way beyond “teaching” — on how to use and apply and practice the skills with real-world scenarios. As a result of this program, our people became very effective internal consultants (a difficult job and quite rare), substantially increasing credibility across the organization.

GD, President, Interior Design Firm


The business was not going where it needed to go until we started with Corporate Culture Pros’ coaching and meeting facilitation. I knew if we remained in this state of crisis there would not be a company. The intervention was vital to our success.

TB, Internal Consultant, State Agency


I was having a lot of trouble motivating necessary changes in my culture; nothing I did seemed to “stick.” So I called in Lisa & Gerry. During their process, they asked a lot of questions before doing anything. Their facilitation ended up being both practical and transformative for our culture.

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